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Use These Tips to Enjoy Time at the Beach to the Fullest!

Use These Tips to Enjoy Time at the Beach to the Fullest

The beach is a great place to hang with friends and family, play sports and beat the summer heat, but like anything in life, preparation is key. So, if a beach trip is in your near future, keep the following tips in mind. 

Bring a Yoga Mat

Not only do yoga mats make comfortable surfaces to lie on at the beach, many of them are waterproof (unlike a towel) and do a better job keeping you out of the sand than a towel or other blanket would.

Opt for Flip Flops or Water Shoes in the Water

Part of preparing for any activity is having the appropriate attire for the environment. And unlike swimming pools, beaches can expose your feet to sharp rocks, shells and other natural items that cut on your feet. Wearing flip-flop or water shoes is a great way to protect your feet while in the water.

Don’t Forget Your Lip Balm

Beach time is tons of fun; however, dry, burnt lips from all the UV rays and heat makes for a much less pleasant time. Access to lip balm, with SPF sun protection, helps keep your lips feeling great while you have fun in the sun!

Practice Water Safety

As fun as swimming is, anyone can be a victim of a water-related accident if appropriate measures aren’t taken. Here are safety guidelines to help ensure a fun and safe swimming experience at the beach, especially if you have little ones accompanying you:

  • Only swim at beaches with lifeguard supervision;
  • Choose a sport close to the lifeguard, so they can easily assist if need be;
  • There should always be at least one adult supervising kids in the water and weaker swimmers should be accompanied by an adult;
  • Be aware of large waves and riptides that can pull young kids under the water or out into deeper water than they’re comfortable in.