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Escape To The Country With A Farm Visit In Sudbury

May 18



Sudbury is home to many farms that offer a wide variety of activities and experiences, from horseback riding to fruit picking! Visiting Sudbury gives you a chance to escape to the country and experience its glory with everything that farms can offer! In this blog, we will list the best farms to visit in the Sudbury region for your escape to the country!


McGrows Farms & Gardens

McGrows Farms began in 1996 with a passion to grow fresh, locally produced, organic vegetables, fruits, pickled products, vegetable starts, and an assortment of annual bedding plants. Since 2008, McGrows Farms & Gardens has been a part of the Eat Local Sudbury co-operative as a local organic producer. Find them at the Sudbury Garden Festival and at the Downtown Sudbury Farming market most Saturdays!


Foothills Farm

Foothills Farm is a full-service equestrian facility located in Chelmsford Ontario. Foothills Farm has several riding rings and miles of beautifully maintained hacking trails. Riding Lessons, Summer Riding Camp, Horse Boarding & Training, Competitions, Horse Transportation are all available here! Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or new to the sport of riding, Foothills Farm is the place to visit for some of the best horseback riding experiences in Sudbury!


Ruby Berry Farms

Ruby Berry Farms is Sudbury’s first pick for delicious Strawberry Picking and a fun family outing. For over 26 years, their customers have enjoyed summer’s tastiest berries in our tranquil country atmosphere. Stop by and purchase berries fresh picked daily or enjoy the satisfaction of picking your own delicious basket full of strawberries!


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Sudbury’s Best Craft Breweries & Distilleries

May 6



Warm weather isn’t the only thing that’s beginning to brew in the Sudbury region! Sudbury is home to many unique and well-loved craft breweries and distilleries. Spring and summer is the perfect time to tour, sample and purchase some of the best craft drinks you may ever have! We’ve made your job easy by listing below the best breweries and distilleries you need to visit in the Sudbury region!


Crosscut Distillery

Crosscut Distillery is inspired by the old-world craftsmanship of small batch pot distilling, as well as Northern Ontario’s founding industries: forestry and mining. Each bottle at Crosscut Distillery fuses local and unexpected ingredients with quality grains, cut and blended to create unique flavours, inspiring grain-to-glass enthusiasts with every sip.


Stack Brewing

Stack Brewing officially opened its doors to the Sudbury community in June of 2013. Since then, Stack has won several provincial and national awards from the Ontario Brewing Awards and the Canadian Brewing Awards. The brewery has gone through many expansions to meet the high demand for quality craft beer in Northern Ontario and has recently started to distribute product throughout Ontario. Check out Stack Brewing for Beer on tap and for purchase to take home!


46 North Brewing

46 North is a small craft brewery located in Sudbury Ontario. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality craft beer possible. Book your next private event in their tasting room!


Spacecraft Brewery

Spacecraft Brewery is Sudbury’s first Brew Pub that prides itself in a rotating craft beer list that is out of this world! Try one of their locally brewed SPACECRAFT BEERS in the old Greyhound Station converted into a community space / brewery / restaurant.


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7 Greater Sudbury Destinations You Must Visit This Spring

7 Greater Sudbury Destinations You Must Visit This Spring


Greater Sudbury boasts one of the most beautiful nature areas in Northern Ontario and is a great place to spend quality vacation time with your friends and family. As the cold winter season ends and Spring approaches, it is all the more reason to visit Greater Sudbury’s finest outdoor attractions. Quality Inn Sudbury presents you with some must-see locations on the radar for anyone visiting or passing by Sudbury!

Y. Jackson Lookout & Onaping’s High Falls

If the sound of a serene water flow and chirping birds out in nature is what you are looking for, then you are going to love the High Falls! Located on the Onaping River, this gorgeous trail is loved by many tourists and locals. It is widely believed by scientists that the falls were created as a result of a massive crater caused by a meteorite that struck the Earth 1.8 billion years ago! The views on the bridge of this massive crater are absolutely astonishing and a great place to go hiking in nature.

Kivi Park

If outdoor sports is your thing, then Kivi Park is your place! This massive park ranging over 480 acres includes some beautiful nature sceneries that accommodate many activities. The park works year round and is heavily maintained and guarded to conserve nature and your safety. Some of the activities you can do here include hiking, skiing, canoeing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, ice skating and even fishing! This park is perfect for those who are wishing to spend a wonderful relaxing afternoon with their friends and family. The park offers rental equipments for any activities and also hosts on-site playgrounds, sports courts and cafes for your enjoyment.

Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf

With 63 different holes, various challenges and of course, dinosaurs, this park is excellent for families to spend a fun afternoon. Challenge your inner child and try out your mini-golfing and pool-golfing skills here as you take a step back in time through a Jurassic Era jungle. Whatever happens, it is guaranteed that you will have fun here, whether you are with your friends or family!

Ramsey Lake Cruise

This uniquely shaped lake in Greater Sudbury is the perfect blend of water filled fun-tivities as well as the breathtaking views of surrounding woods. With bright colours blooming at the start of each Spring, this lake is a must see for anyone visiting Sudbury. Cruise tours are open at the harbour and can be a great view for the famous lakefront homes, sailboat ports and the shots of nature.

The Science North & The Big Nickel

Seeing Sudbury is never complete without the full Science North experience. Clear your entire schedule for the day and enjoy the full day activities offered at Science North, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Ontario. The center is located right alongside the shores of Ramsey Lake and is surrounded by beautiful valleys. The Science center has tons to experience starting from fun and educational content for kids, IMAX theatres, games, outdoor play stations and the famous mining exhibits and museums that are sure to amaze you. Once you are outside you can take a sightseeing tour of the Sudbury area and also see the awe-inspiring Big Nickel statue!

Killarney Provincial Park

Touted as one of the best hiking trail in terms of sceneries, the Killarney Provincial Park does not disappoint! Standing between large mountains, rocks, hills and surrounded by sapphire lakes, you can never run out of things to see. The Crack trail is famous at the park as it offers a unique path between craggy rocks and brings you up to a vantage point for a stunning scene. If you are an experienced hiker, the Chikanishing trail, although a bit difficult, offers a rewarding experience for anyone who braves the challenge. The trail covers the coastline near the shallow, rocky waters and allows you to see the ends of the Earth from near a beautiful lighthouse.  

Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Center

One of the largest railroad museums is here in Sudbury! The Railroad Museum has an impressive collection of trains, model trains, figurines, souvenirs and other antiquities. Located inside a classic Victorian style house built in 1916, the museum is sure to inspire any history buffs, train fanatics and those who simply want to appreciate the culture and heritage of Canada itself.

 Sudbury is a peaceful, serene and beautiful place to visit any time of the year. With the blooming of the new season comes another great reason to wander through the great outdoors of Sudbury. If you are planning to visit Greater Sudbury and need someplace safe and comfortable to stay, then Quality Inn Sudbury is the perfect location for you to unwind. Offering smoke free, clean, spacious and environmentally friendly rooms, we are proud to serve our guests with utmost respect.

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3 Ways To Celebrate The Spring Weather In Sudbury

3 Ways To Celebrate The Spring Weather In Sudbury


Spring has officially begun, and the warm weather is slowly creeping up on us! With the blooming of new flowers and the chirping of little birds, the best way to spend the spring season is outdoors! The city of Sudbury, Ontario is filled with multiple places for outdoor adventures, so if you are interested in travelling to Sudbury, here are the top 3 ways to celebrate the spring weather in Sudbury.

Go For A Hike In Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area is just a 10-minute drive from downtown Sudbury. This conservation area is teeming with all kinds of nature including trees, frogs, birds, fish, and of course the beautiful lake! Going for a hike in Lake Laurentian Conservation Area is a perfect way to spend some time with nature in the welcoming spring weather. To make your experience even better, bring a camera along, so you can document all the types of life you encounter. If you want to celebrate the spring weather in Sudbury, the best way is to take a hike in Lake Laurentian Conservation Area.

Have A Picnic In Bell Park

Bell Park is known for its beach, picnic seating, and children’s playground. Packing a picnic and spending a day with your family on the beach at Bell Park is a wonderful way to be with your family while taking in the natural surroundings! To make your picnic more family oriented, get everyone involved with packing the picnic basket. Each of you could add your favourite foods, or you can even take this time to try new and exciting meals! Whichever way you decide to have your picnic, your body and your brain will benefit from breathing in the fresh air.

Travel To Sudbury’s Various Monuments

If you are a history nerd, this trip is made for you! Sudbury is home to multiple landmarks that have rich histories. The Big Nickel, the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre are just a couple of Sudbury’s famous monuments. When travelling to these locations, you can take the time to learn about the presence of these historical areas to gain a deeper understanding of the Sudbury area. If you decide to go, don’t forget to take a selfie with the Big Nickel, or various railcars and engines that are on display. Travelling to historical places is always best when the weather is nice, so why not go when spring arrives?

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Top 5 Things To Do With Your Family During March Break In Sudbury



Have you started planning for March Break with your family? If you live in Ontario and are looking to go on a vacation that’s just a short drive away, why not visit Sudbury? If you don’t know what you can do here, there’s no need to worry! With this list you can learn about the top 5 things to do with your family during March Break in Sudbury!

1. Visit The Dynamic Earth Science Centre

After being closed for some time, the Dynamic Earth Science Centre will be re-opening on March 15th, 2022, right in time for the March Break! Are your children interested in learning about earth science and minerals? The Dynamic Earth Science Centre is a hands-on science centre that features a mineral wall, an underground mine tour, and an outdoor science park. If your kids are science lovers, this is the right place to take them! 

2. Sign Your Children Up At The GymZone

Do your children seem to have an endless amount of energy? If you said yes, then signing them up for March Madness at the GymZone in Sudbury might be a great idea! At this March Break camp, your children can partake in different gymnastics and athletics throughout the day. If you have athletic and active children, the GymZone will be a wonderful place for them to burn off their energy.

3. Visit Bell Park

Calling all nature lovers! If your family loves to be outdoors, you can use March Break as an opportunity to take advantage of all the nature that Sudbury has to offer! If you are looking for a popular outdoor tourist destination to visit in Sudbury, we recommend visiting Bell Park. This park is known for its natural landscape and beautiful scenery along its waterfront. You can go for a walk, or even have a picnic (weather-permitting) with your family to enjoy some time in the fresh air! 

4. Play Laser Tag At The KUPP Centre

The KUPP Centre is Sudbury’s ultimate family-fun indoor playground and laser tag arena. Laser tag can be a great way to bond with your children, especially if they are competitive. So, if you are looking for a place to have fun with your children, visiting the KUPP Centre is an excellent way to get your March Break family fun started! 

5. Check Out One Of Our Popular Restaurants

Sudbury is home to many restaurants with different types of food. You can try delicious pizza at Di Gusto, tasty souvlaki at Apollo Restaurant, mouth-watering stir-fried meals at Sizzle Mongolian Grill, and fragrant and flavourful Indian food at Sukhdev Restaurant. Wherever your family decides to eat, you will be guaranteed a satisfied stomach after you are done. If your family can’t seem to decide which restaurant to eat at, why not make the winner of laser tag decide on your dinner for the night?

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Fun Ways To Spend A Day With Your Family

Fun Ways To Spend A Day With Your Family


There’s nothing more important than quality time with family. With family day heading our way, it’s the perfect day to plan an activity or outing with your loved ones! Below we’ve listed some fun and creative ways for you to spend some well-needed time with your family!

Take The Family Out For Skating

Some good old-fashioned skating is always a fun activity for the whole family! Whether you are a complete beginner at skating or are used to zipping around a lake or arena with ease, skating is a great activity that only gets your family out of the house but also helps promote healthy, physical activity. Many skating arenas offer skates for rental, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing them if you do not own them and lots of arenas love to bump loud family friendly music, making the experience of skating with your family a fun one! 

Plan A Movie Marathon

While watching movies is a common activity that many families may already take part in, why not take your movie marathon to the next level? Have each member of your family pick their favourite movie and binge watch them all together, while taking a vote at the end on who’s movie was the best of the day! Be sure to have lots of popcorn and other treats available to snack on, and you’ve got yourself a movie marathon!

Set Up A Paint & Sip

If you have a family that loves to be creative, this idea is the one for you. Head over to your local dollar store and pick up paint canvas’, paints and paintbrushes. Set up a punchbowl or drink dispenser with a fruity mocktail and set out some cheese, crackers and fruits. Both you and your family can decide on an image or a scene to paint, or you all can have each family member paint one another. By the end, you’ll have a stack of creative art pieces that you can hang around the home and share with one another! 

Go For A Day Trip

Want to extend family day into family weekend? Pack your bags and drive over to a nearby city and make a day trip out of it! You can visit local parks, malls, restaurants and other attractions in the city, exploring new sightings together! After a long day, check into a hotel and sleep off the day before you make the road trip back home! If you are staying in the Sudbury region, Quality Inn Sudbury offers family friendly accommodations that are comfortable, safe and accessible for your next stay in Sudbury.

We hope these ideas will help you plan an enjoyable and fun Family Day! 

*Please note that proof of double vaccination alongside government issued photo ID is required at indoor facilities in Ontario until further notice.

Valentine’s Day 2022 Gift Ideas In Sudbury

Valentine's Day 2022 Gift Ideas In Sudbury


Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day just a couple of days away, it can be tough to find that perfect gift for the loved one in your life, especially when it seems like the options are endless! We have narrowed down some of the best gifts and experiences that you can find in the Sudbury region, to help make your Valentine’s Day this year a special one!

Take A Stroll At Bell Park

For the outdoor lover in your life who appreciates the simpler things, why not plan for a private stroll through Bell Park? Take in the views of the frozen ice over Ramsey lake from a gazebo and gaze up at the large icicles that form under many of the large rock formations throughout the park. After your romantic walk, stop by Twiggs Coffee Roasters to warm yourselves up with their best-selling hot chocolate! 

Order Flowers and Dessert

If your loved one likes a more traditional approach to romance, why not send over their favourite flowers and dessert? Rosery Florist in Sudbury has been creating bouquets since 1938 and carries a wonderful selection of flowers that can be delivered right to your doorstep. Want to accompany your gift of flowers with a sweet treat? Regency Bakery & Deli has got you covered with an exquisite selection of cakes that can be ordered for delivery! 

Plan A Valentine’s Day Brunch

Why not celebrate Valentine’s a day early with Sunday Brunch? Brunch is the perfect option for a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s with your loved ones! The Motley Kitchen is known in Sudbury for its amazing brunch menu, that includes their signature stuffed French toast and their fluffy PALAČINKE (Croatian crepes!)

Plan A Game Night

If you and your loved one have a competitive edge, why not plan a game night for Valentine’s Day? Grab your favourite drinks, snacks and head over to Gamesnook Sudbury gamesworkshop to pick out a new (or favourite) game to try out together! 

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*Please note that proof of double vaccination alongside government issued photo ID is required to dine indoors in Ontario until further notice.

Meet Your Sudbury Wolves Hockey Team! Part 2 of 2

Meet Your Sudbury Wolves Hockey Team!


Hockey is back in Sudbury for the 2022 Season! The rush of winning, the thrill of competition and the magic that happens when teams hit the ice is something extraordinary to be experienced and the Sudbury Wolves are the team that has got it all! Keep reading to learn more about who your Sudbury Wolves are this Hockey Season!










  1. Evan Konyen

Height: 5.1 Weight: 158 Birthdate: 2004-02-22 Hometown: Mars, PA Age: 17 Jersey #: 91 Position: RW












  1. Owen Perela

Height: 6.04 Weight: 205 Birthdate: 2002-02-01 Hometown: Nipigon, ON Age: 19 Jersey #: 20 Position: LW










  1. Cole Crowder

Height: 6.05 Weight: 220 Birthdate: 2002-07-30 Hometown: Lively, ON Age: 19 Jersey #: 25 Position: LW












  1. Samuel Vachon

Height: 6.0 Weight: 174 Birthdate: 2002-10-02 Hometown: Cochrane, ON Age: 19 Jersey #: 92 Position: C










  1. Joshua Hoover

Height: 5.1 Weight: 199 Birthdate: 2004-02-15 Hometown: Sarnia, ON Age: 17 Jersey #: 2 Position: D










  1. Nathan Ribau

Height: 6.01 Weight: 185 Birthdate: 2002-04-07 Hometown: Oakville, ON Age: 19 Jersey #: 4 Position: D












  1. Will Bishop

Height: 6.05 Weight: 176 Birthdate: 2005-03-17 Hometown: London, ON Age: 16 Jersey #: 5 Position: D










  1. Jack Thompson

Height: 6.01 Weight: 185 Birthdate: 2002-03-19 Hometown: Courtice, ON Age: 19 Jersey #: 22 Position: D










  1. Payton Robinson

Height: 6.02 Weight: 195 Birthdate: 2003-04-30 Hometown: Burlington, ON Age: 18 Jersey #: 49 Position: D










  1. Liam Ross

Height: 6.02 Weight: 203 Birthdate: 2001-05-13 Hometown: Markham, ON Age: 20 Jersey #: 63 Position: D










  1. Nolan Collins

Height: 6.03 Weight: 192 Birthdate: 2004-04-28 Hometown: Whitby, ON Age: 17 Jersey #: 77 Position: D










  1. Andre Anania

Height: 6.01 Weight: 191 Birthdate: 2003-03-02 Hometown: Richmond Hill, ON Age: 18 Jersey #: 78 Position: D










  1. Jonathan Lemaire

Height: 6.06 Weight: 212 Birthdate: 2002-10-15 Hometown: Gloucester, ON Age: 19 Jersey #: 37 Position: G










  1. Mitchell Weeks

Height: 6.03 Weight: 187 Birthdate: 2001-06-22 Hometown: Barrie, ON Age: 20 Jersey #: 70 Position: G

Hockey Staff











  1. Craig Duncanson

Height: 6.0 Weight: 190 lbs/ 86 kg Birthdate: 1967-03-17 Hometown: Lively, ON Age: 54 Jersey #: 19 Position: LW












  1. Rob Papineau

Height: 6.02 Weight: 201 lbs/ 91 kg Birthdate: 1971-08-12 Hometown: Sudbury, ON Age: 50 Jersey #: N/A Position: C

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