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The Best Museums To Visit In Sudbury

Sudbury Museums

Sudbury is a place full of rich cultural heritage. Take some time to discover it with your family and friends in the best place possible: in a museum.

If you’re a museum fan, then Sudbury is the place for you! Our beautiful city has a plethora of fantastic museums with fantastic exhibits that can help you learn everything from history to science to art! Here are some that we recommend you check out: 

Science North

100 ch. Ramsey Lake Rd., Sudbury ON P3E 5S9


Science North is the most popular attraction of Northern Ontario. It is an excellent educational resource for children that includes an IMAX with Laser theatre, a digital Planetarium, butterfly gallery, special exhibits hall and more!

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Dynamic Earth

122 prom Big Nickel Mine Dr, Sudbury ON P3C 5T7


Home of the Big Nickel (which is literally a giant nickel), Dynamic Earth is a hands-on science center for all the explorers out there. Try out the interactive earth science and mining exhibits. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience! With a complete guided underground tour, multimedia theatres, engaging exhibits, and outdoor science park, this place is great for visitors of all ages!

Northern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre

26 rue. Bloor St., Capreol ON P0M 1H0


If you’re interested in Northern Ontario’s railroading, lumbering, and mining history, this museum is the one for you! You get to explore life on the railroad through the boxcar house, operate a locomotive simulator, go to school on wheels, and climb inside a historic locomotive and caboose! 

Anderson Farm Museum

550 chemin Municipal Road 24,, Lively ON P3Y 1M9


Anderson Farm is a century-old heritage building that used to be an operating dairy farm. It was one of the largest operating in Northern Ontario during the 1920s-1930s. A visit to this ancient looking barn in the ghost town of Creighton Mine is a great way to spend any day!

Rayside-Balfour Museum

120, rue Agnes Street, Azilda ON P0M 1B0

705-674-4455 x 4152 

This museum is located in Azilda’s Gilles Pelland Library and is a more classic museum. Though it is small, you will find a wonderful display of artifacts relating to the development of Azilda and Chelmsford, including some of the names of the major contributors to the development of these areas.

 Flour Mill Museum

Le parc O’Conner Park, 140, rue George Street, Sudbury ON P3C 2W7

705-674-4455x 4152 

This clapboard house built in 1903 by Francois Varieur is home to plenty of history. You will learn the history of the Flour Mill neighbourhood, hear stories of French-Canadian residents, and learn about its role in the development of the Greater Sudbury area!

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The Best Cross Country Skiing Trails In Sudbury

cross country skiing

Northern Ontario is a wonderful place to enjoy the great outdoors. One of the best ways to do this is by going cross country skiing. You can discover beautiful trails across Greater Sudbury and really enjoy what the lands have to offer. 

Here are the best cross country skiing trails you should hit up this winter season. Just be sure to contact the organizations before you go for the most up-to-date information and ski conditions so that you are always prepared.

Bio Ski Cross-Country Ski & Snowshoe Club

2420 ch. S Bay Road P3E 6H7


This ski trail is 17km of fun! You and your family will love it for its narrow, intimate trails as they put you in close contact with nature!

Capreol Cross Country Ski Club

99, rue Lakeshore P0M 1H0


This 32km trail is a double track so that skiers can ski side by side! Enjoy the view of evergreens and hardwood forest along the Vermilion River along the way! 

Laurentian Nordic Ski Club

93 ch. Ramsey Lake Road P3E 2C6


Enjoy 9km of scenic views along Sodie’s Loop, one of the toughest trail loops to ski along! This ski trail is not for beginners, but if you can make it around, it is totally worth it!

Walden Cross Country Ski Club

1 Denis Ave. P3Y 1G2


This ski trail is 23km long and perfect for the whole family! The best part: skiing under the lights! Enjoy 3km of LED street lamps every weekend until 9pm!

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5 Facts About The Sudbury Superstack!

The Sudbury Superstack

If you are from Sudbury, then you are quite familiar with the Sudbury Superstack. And if you’re not from Sudbury, allow us to fill you in: It is the giant fixture that defines that Sudbury skyline! It’s been around for so many years that it is almost impossible to consider our beautiful city without this incredible structure. However, we will have to soon as Vale recently announced its plans to retire this iconic structure.

To keep the memory of the Superstack alive, here are 5 facts about it that you might want to know:

It Was Built In The 1970s

Vale began the construction of the Superstack back in 1970. The project cost about $25 million and the structure was fully operational in 1972. Its purpose was to disperse gases and other byproducts that result from the smelting process away from the City of Sudbury.

It’s REALLY Tall

The Superstack is 1,250 feet high, which is 381 meters! It is the tallest chimney in the western hemisphere and the second largest in the world (go, Sudbury!). It also stands just behind the CN as the second tallest freestanding structure in Canada!

It’s Also Pretty WIDE

The Superstack is 35 meters wide. At the bottom, the walls are one meter thick to ensure structural stability and at the top, the walls are 25 cm thick. It has 937 tonnes of steel lining the structure to reinforce it. If you were to weigh that amount of steel, it would weigh about 17,585 tonnes!

It Carries Gas

A steel flue system is used to carry Vale’s Copper Cliff Smelter to the Superstack. This system disperses gases at a speed of 85 kilometres per hour! That’s really fast!

It Was Followed By Reclamation Projects

After the construction of the Superstack, the City of Greater Sudbury was hit with environmental reclamation projects that included the liming and seeding of over 3,200 hectares and the planting of approximately 300,000 trees annually, which is great for the environment! 

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A Guide To Skiing In Sudbury

skiing in Sudbury

Sudbury is a great place to visit to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Our beautiful city offers everything from ice-fishing in the winter months to fantastic hiking and biking trails in the summer. Another winter activity that is often underrated in Sudbury is our glorious ski hills!

The City of Greater Sudbury operates two ski hills whenever the weather is appropriate for skiing. And the best part is it’s fun for the whole family! Whether you’re a pro on the hills or just a beginner, you can stay active and have a ton of fun on the Sudbury Ski hills!

Here are the two locations you can visit:

Lively Ski Hill (231 First Avenue, Lively, ON)

Buy a season pass by calling 311 or by purchasing online.

Adanac Ski Hill (744 Beatrice Crescent, Sudbury, ON)

 Buy a season pass by calling 311 or by purchasing online.

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The Best Snowmobiling Paths in Sudbury

The Best Snowmobiling Paths in Sudbury

It’s time for an adventure! A snowmobiling adventure! 

For over 30 years, the Greater Sudbury region has been home to some amazing snowmobiling trails. In fact, the organized trail system in Sudbury has expanded over the years to include more than 1,000 kms of trails.

Here are 3 of the best trails in Sudbury for you to try out this winter:

Chiniguchi Wolf Loop (223 km)

This loop is one of the most exciting in Sudbury. It travels along the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve, one of Ontario’s largest old growth forests with colossal red pines that are over 200 years old. You should check out this route if you love fast paced snowmobiling and scenic lookouts! Don’t forget to stop for something to eat at Rocky’s, which is on the shores of Lake Wanapitei.

Cartier Moose Loop (253 km)

This loop is a bit more rugged than other snowmobiling loops in Sudbury. If you visit this loop, you’ll see the round rocks of the Laurentian Highlands and Boreal Forest and will definitely see plenty of wildlife. If you choose this path, definitely stop by the Windy lake Motel & Restaurant for a quick bite!

Rainbow Elk Loop (225 km)

There are so many things to see on this incredible snowmobiling loop. If you take this loop, you’ll see old rail lines, old logging roads, winding bush trails, fields and lakes! There’s always something to look at. If you’re looking for a place to stop after overlooking Killarney park and Lake Huron, stop by Killarney Bay Inn!

Sudbury is the best place to hit up for a wonderful snowmobiling adventure. If you’re ready to hit the open loop, check out these paths today! For more information about things to do in Sudbury, check out Quality Inn Sudbury’s blog!

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Fun Things To Do In Sudbury This Winter

ice skating

“It’s too cold,” is no longer a good reason to stay inside this winter. Not when there is so much winter fun to have in the amazing city of Sudbury! Here are some extra fun things that you can do this winter that will motivate you to get up and get outside! 

Go Ice Fishing

Sudbury is home to 330 lakes, which means ice fishing is never in short supply! This Family Day, take advantage of the ability to legally fish anywhere in the province without a license and try ice fishing! It’s easier than it looks, as long as you’re totally prepared! Plan your trip to Sudbury in advance.

Open Air Skate

Everyone loves skating! So, lace up those skates and get on the Ramsey Lake Skating Path. This family favourite activity is perfect during the daytime or during the evening and is guaranteed to bring out laughter and smiles! 

Snow Shoe!

Have you ever tried snowshoeing? Well, this winter might just be the best time to start! Trek your way along one of Sudbury’s incredible and dreamy hiking trails. It is exercise and exploration all at once!

Sleigh Ride

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean riding along with Santa and Rudolph. Instead, check out for information about winter sleigh rides through a winter wonderland at Sudbury’s Lake Laurentian Conservation Area.

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Sudbury’s Top 3 Hiking Trails


Winter is almost here, which means it’s time to get in the last of your autumn hikes! And if you’re looking for the best hiking trails in the beautiful city of Sudbury, then you’re at the right place! Here are Sudbury’s top 3 hiking trails that you should take advantage of before the winter hits:

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

2309, South Bay Rd., Sudbury, On, P3E 5P9

Contact #: 705-674-8904

This trail is just 10 minutes from downtown Sudbury. With over 950 hectares of protected green space to explore, you can truly enjoy the peaceful outdoors! Try hiking it or taking a beautiful bike ride!

Rainbow Routes Association

1127 Bancroft Drive, Sudbury, ON, P3B 1R6

Contact #: 705-674-4455 x 4603 

An outdoor adventure that starts at Rainbow Routes Association guaranteed to be one of the very best! This not-for-profit organization is dedicated to sustainable mobility in the Greater Sudbury area. You can access free trail maps for hiking, biking, and snowshoeing on their website!

Kivi Park
4472, Long Lake, Sudbury ON P3G 1K4

Contact #:705-665-4865

Kivi Park is an iconic spot in Sudbury. It is a multi-use sports and outdoor park that stretches over 450 acres and overlooks Long Lake. This park is perfect for all ages and abilities and encourages community health, wellness, and active living! Head on out to these trails today! 

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Get Outside with Sudbury’s Snowshoe Lending Program


Sudbury’s Snowshoe Lending Program is a wonderful initiative that our beautiful city is pushing to encourage everybody to get outside! Enjoy all of the wonderful things that winter has to offer (like soft, fluffy snow) by heading over to one of 10 Greater Sudbury Public Libraries with the whole family to grab a pair of snowshoes!

How It Works

10 Greater Sudbury Public Library locations are now stocked with snowshoes that you can borrow for up to one week! All you need is your library card (if you don’t already have one, sign up for one here). 

Here are the locations to visit if you are looking to borrow a pair of snowshoes:

Where to Snowshoe

Once you’ve got your borrowed snowshoes, check out these amazing local trails!

Winter doesn’t have to mean boarding up inside your house. Get outside and get snowshoeing with the help of this incredible program. It’s fun for the whole family! if you need a place to stay after a fun day outdoors, consider making Quality Inn Sudbury your accommodation of choice. Call us today to reserve a room: 705.675.1273