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5 Podcasts to Make Your Road Trip Better

Road trips are a great idea in theory, but whether you’re traveling alone or with others, road trips can get a little tedious after the first hour. Most people put together playlists to listen to or just choose a radio station available in the town they’re in, but here’s a new idea: podcasts. Podcasts are popular with some and not with others, and they’re definitely not as popular as music, but they can be a nice change from listening to the same songs over and over. Podcasts are great at keeping you alert and not bored to tears when you’re on a road trip that consists of a seemingly infinite amount of hours. They can spark up hour long conversations between friends, or just to listen to for your own pleasure. I have put together 5 Podcasts that are sure to keep you interested on your road trip. Happy travelling!

1. Radiolab

‘Radiolab’ is a podcast that tries to open your mind to see the world in a new way. It preys on the human curiosity and thirst for ideas with topics such as science and politics. It is a great podcast to listen to while driving through the world.

2. 99%invisible

‘99%invisible’ is a podcast about architecture and design. You can listen to Roman Mars’ show while driving, and you’ll notice that you will start to see buildings through a different lens. This show is not just about architecture and design; it’s about how architecture is a part of your life and perceptions a lot more than you think.

3. Death Sex + Money

‘Death Sex + Money’ is a podcast about all things interesting produced by New York Public Radio’s WNYC. This one is great to listen to on a group road trip because it will spark up some great conversations. With interviews with regular people as well as celebrities, ‘Death Sex + Money’ is sure to keep you from boredom.

4. Good Job, Brain!

‘Good Job, Brain’ is for the trivia lover in the car. This podcast doubles as a game which makes it super fun to listen to on a group road trip! Test your knowledge and stay awake with this podcast, you’ll love it.

5. TED Radio Hour

This podcast is based on TEDTalks, each week focuses on a different theme. Listen to some new ideas from some of the most inspiring people from across the world and broaden your horizons!