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5 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

5 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

I’m sure it’s fair to say that most of us welcome the warmth that comes with summer; however, when that heat starts to become unbearable, it can really impact our ability to enjoy the outdoors. Use the following five tips to stay cool on the hottest days.

Drink Water Regularly: In hot weather, becoming dehydrated is easier. Not only is this bad for your body it has negative health side-effects such as dizziness, dry skin, headaches and increased thirst.  

Regularly consuming water helps to prevent you from experiencing any of the above symptoms. And if you struggle with consistent water intake, consider employing health apps for your phone that help you track your water consumption.

Opt for Smaller, Lighter Meals: Larger, denser meals require your body to work harder to digest. This can raise your internal temperature, which in turn makes you feel even hotter. Opting for lighter meals, such as a salad, means your body won’t have to work as hard and you’ll be able to maintain a lower body temperature.

Take to the Water: There is a silver lining to extremely hot days. The high temperature makes swimming in outdoor bodies of water much more inviting than it would be throughout the rest of the year. So, use these hot days to go for a swim at a local lake or outdoor pool with friends and family. Swimming is not only a great activity to beat the heat but it’s also an awesome social activity to do with friends and family.

Adjust Your Activity Time: To avoid having to deal with extreme heat, adjust the time at which you participate in outdoor activities. For instance, go for a jog in the early morning before the sun comes out or explore local shops in the evening when the intense heat of the afternoon has passed.

Wear Lightweight Fabrics: Your choice of apparel also goes a long way in determining how well you’ll deal with the heat. Cotton is an excellent fabric for hot weather, as it does a good job of absorbing sweat and provides good aeration. To help in staying cool, wear clothes with breezy cuts that promote airflow around your body.