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Pumpkin Patches You Need To Visit This Fall Near Sudbury

Pumpkin Patches You Need To Visit With Your Family


What better way to have fun than gathering your family and heading over to a pumpkin patch this fall? We can’t say there are too many! Experience the bright colours of fall in the leaves and pumpkins around, take in the smell of freshly baked pumpkin pie, carve out a scary or funny face on a pumpkin, or even get lost in a corn maze! Northwestern Ontario has the perfect selection of pumpkin patches for you and your family to visit.

1. Gammondale Pumpkinfest

The Gammondale Pumpkinfest has been operating for over 27 years and is fully operating this fall season, rain or shine! Besides the traditional activities such as pumpkin picking, the Gammondale Pumpkinfest has numerous activities available that you can’t find anywhere else! Experience Canada’s largest pumpkin catapult or navigate your way through an entire forest maze!

2. Mockingbird Hill Farms

For more of the classic fall experience, visit Mockingbird Hill Farms and pick out your perfect pumpkin for carving and creating indulgent desserts. You can also experience both a more family friendly corn maze or if you are up for the scare, their haunted maze!

3. Wagonwheel Ranch

The Wagonwheel Ranch in the greater Sudbury area has been home to pumpkin picking as well as their own fall festival. Select your own pumpkin from the already picked selection or head out to the fields to pick out your own perfect pumpkin of choice! The fall festival at Wagonwheel Ranch also offers petting zoos, hay rides and more! Timed activity packages are planned to be available this fall, so be sure to visit their website for the latest updates.

Family fun time is always a treat in the fall, why not make it a full weekend to enjoy? The Quality Inn Sudbury is always here to provide comfortable and convenient accommodations when you need them. Call us today to book a room at 705.675.1273.

The Benefits of Sensory Deprivation Tanks

The Benefits of Sensory Deprivation Tanks


We all deserve a spa day once in a while! Sudbury is home to many wonderful spas, offering everything you may be looking for, from manicures, to facials to even float therapy! This type of spa experience, also called a “sensory deprivation tank” is a unique experience that involves laying in a pod full of water and salt. The high level of salt allows you to easily float in what feels like air, creating an environment of sensory deprivation.

Keep on reading to learn more about the benefits of sensory deprivation tanks and where you can visit one in the Sudbury region!

Helps You Relax

Float therapy has immense benefits in helping you relax. The experience can activate your parasympathetic nervous system which activates feelings of relaxation. Relaxation can help reduce your blood pressure, muscle tension and more.

Reduces Your Pain

A session in a sensory deprivation tank releases endorphins, which can reduce any pain you may be feeling in your body. 

Improves Your Skin

The epsom salts used in the float tank can actually benefit our skin. Epsom salts contain a high level of magnesium which can help soothe some skin conditions and also remove dead skin cells.

Gets You To Try Something New

Float therapy is something different in comparison to your traditional spa experience, making it the perfect activity if you are looking to change up what you normally do. Who knows, the benefits can work for you!

One of the best places to experience all these benefits and more in a float tank is at the Float Pod Spa in Sudbury. This renowned experience in Sudbury offers both single pod and double pod float tanks (for 2 people) as well as memberships if you are looking to make your floating experience a regular one. 

Staying in Sudbury on vacation or a business trip? Float therapy is the solution to your typical spa experience when getting away, and Quality Inn Sudbury can hook you up with a beautiful and comfortable room to compliment your day of relaxation. Call 705.675.1273 to book now!

Why You Need A Staycation This Fall

Why You Need A Staycation This Fall


As the kids head to school and back to work is in full swing with fall looming ahead, it can be easy to feel a bit blue as the summer fun comes to end. Even though vacation time for most has ended, it doesn’t mean that we should stop scheduling them! It is important to take breaks, take time for yourself as well as spend time with your family. After all, it’s all about balance!

A unique idea for getting away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine is to take a staycation. A staycation involves staying in your local city or a city nearby at a hotel and enjoying the attractions within the local vicinity. It can be the perfect way to feel like you are on a vacation but still close to home! Keep on reading to find out more about why you need to take a staycation now.

Take a Break for Yourself

We all need to take some time for ourselves to relax in a serene environment. A staycation can help you get back to the basics and treat yourself from your busy schedule. Book a hotel, kick your feet up and spend the weekend to yourself! Whether it’s going to a spa, treating yourself to dinner, or simply catching up on some Netflix, a staycation can help you schedule in some relaxation time within a busy routine.

Spend More Time With Your Family

A staycation can be the solution to getting the family back together in a way that doesn’t take up too much stress or planning as you are likely to be familiar with the events and attractions that are happening in the city you are staying. Save your money by not travelling too far or for too long, but giving you and your family the much needed break they need! 

Discover Something New in Your City

While a staycation is easy to plan, it can also give you the opportunity to appreciate your local city in a way you never thought! Discover a unique restaurant, an outdoor concert or a new park! The possibilities are endless.

If you plan on heading to Sudbury for your next staycation, The Quality Inn Sudbury offers one of the best, most comfortable and affordable accommodations in Sudbury, making it an excellent choice for your next getaway. Call us today to book a room at 705.675.1273.

3 Authentic North Indian Dishes You Need To Try in Sudbury!

3 North Indian Dishes You Need To Try


What’s better than the fragrant, rich and flavourful taste of Indian cuisine? India carries some of the most diverse and delicious foods in the world and appeals to a variety of tastes and dietary needs. With vegetarian and meat options, there is something for everyone!

Sukhdev restaurant at the Quality Inn Sudbury has recently opened and specializes in popularized classic and hearty dishes from Northern India. From potato curry to shrimp tikka masala, the variety of options are endless. Below are 3 dishes you need to try at Sukhdev restaurant at the Quality Inn Sudbury.

1. Royal Butter Chicken

A classic dish that’s loved by many, Sukhdev’s royal butter chicken is top tier in looks and taste. The combination of smooth and tangy sauce alongside tender chunks of chicken is a combination that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Try the Royal Butter Chicken with a side of fresh and hot garlic naan or fragrant basmati rice.

2. Paneer Pakora

Tantalize your taste buds and try the perfect vegetarian option, paneer pakora! Paneer is a fresh cheese that is typically made from cow or buffalo milk, and perfectly picks up the flavours it’s cooked in without melting too much. In paneer pakora, the fresh cheese is dipped in a batter and fried to golden perfection, making it an endearing dish to snack on.

3. Madras Beef Coconut

This dish is rich and hearty, with slow cooked beef that is cooked to perfection with a touch of coconut milk. It has a mouth-watering aroma and will be a dish you are sure to remember every time you visit Sukhdev in Sudbury.

For an unforgettable food experience in Sudbury, visit Sukhdev located at the Quality Inn Sudbury for fresh and delicious North Indian cuisine. Book your stay and enjoy the convenience of a variety of foods right at the doorstep of your hotel. Call 705.675.1273 to book your stay at the Quality Inn Sudbury.

Fun Activities You Need To Do In Sudbury Before The Summer Ends!

Fun Activities To Do in Sudbury before the Summer Ends


Although it feels like summer just started, now is the time to take full advantage of all that the warm weather has left to offer this year. From patios, to nature walks, to beaches, and indoor activities to cool off from the heat, Sudbury has everything you need to make the most of the rest of the summer. Here are the exciting activities you need to try in Sudbury before summer ends!

The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha has one of the best patios in all of Sudbury. If you are looking for a chill and relaxing setting, The Laughing Buddha should be on your list to visit before the summer ends. String lights and a brick wall give off a cozy and comfortable vibe which is perfect for a warm summer evening. Try the Hala Kahiki Aki Pizza or enjoy a mystery craft beer with a small crowd!

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

Looking for a nature experience before the weather cools down? Lake Laurentian Conservation Area is the perfect choice for spending a day in the great outdoors. With over 2145 acres of green space, experience amazing scenery, lookouts, trails and bird watching areas.

Laurentian Beach

A quiet beach getaway is often needed for a moment of relaxation and revitalization during the last days of warm weather. Laurentian beach is a smaller, more secluded beach, making it a perfect place if you are looking for some me time or quiet time to relax, read a book, or take a dip in calm waters.

Dynamic Earth

Dynamic earth has opened its outdoor activities for the remainder of the summer season! The perfect place for a day with the family, visit the outdoor science park or Sudbury’s renowned big nickel attraction!

Whether you are looking for a fun day spending time outdoors with your family, a small get together on a night out with friends, or just some relaxing time alone, Sudbury is your one stop destination to experience it all. After your activities, stay at the Quality Inn Sudbury for a relaxing and comfortable night after a day of excitement. Call 705.675.1273 to book your stay today.

Sudbury’s 2 Blue Flag Certified Beaches are Great for Swimming

Sudbury's Blue Flag Beaches


With over 300 nearby lakes, Sudbury will not disappoint as your next beach destination. In fact, Sudbury features two of Canada’s 27 Blue Flag certified beaches—no small feat—and Sudburians are very proud of this fact. Being Blue Flag certified means the beach must environmental, educational, safety, and access-related standards. Not only are they deemed safe and environmentally friendly, but these two beaches, Moonlight Beach and Bell Park’s main beach, are great spots for swimming! So on your next visit to Sudbury, make sure you hit up one—or both!—of these exceptional beaches.

Bell Park Main Beach

Bell Park’s main beach is perfectly situated within walking distance of Sudbury’s downtown core. Enjoy a city walk in the morning and then head to the sandy beach for a refresh. If you don’t want to swim, the beach also offers 2km of boardwalk around Ramsey lake, forest trails, and gazebos. A lifeguarded beach from 11am to 7pm until August 19, Bell Park is great for the whole family as it features a playground, washrooms, and a snack bar.  

Moonlight Beach

Located on the eastern shore of Ramsey Lake, Moonlight Beach is just a quick drive from downtown Sudbury. Featuring park trails alongside the over 700 feet of shoreline of the beach itself, Moonlight Beach is one of Sudbury’s most popular beach destinations. Hike the 3.5km from Lake Laurentian Conservation Area to Moonlight Beach for some exercise before cooling off at the beach. Lifeguards are on duty from 11am to 7pm, ensuring a safe swim, until August 19, and the on-site picnic area means you can bring a snack and spend the day!

Beat the heat this summer at one of these Blue Flag certified beaches, or at one of Sudbury’s many others! Contact Quality Inn Sudbury at 705.675.1273 to book your stay, and get ready for an exciting summer getaway!

Plan Your Dream Adventure Wedding in Sudbury

Adventure Wedding in Sudbury


This year’s wedding season looks a little different. If you are planning to have a summer 2021 wedding, you may have run into planning difficulties. Due to the pandemic requiring venues to close their doors and guests hesitating to participate in large gatherings, many people have had to find alternative arrangements for their special day. However, that doesn’t mean the big day needs to be any less exciting.

While the prospect of a large, traditional wedding my still seem far off, many couples are planning to keep things small, with some choosing an intimate and adventurous elopement in Ontario. Whether you are looking for an exciting adventure or to simply relax and enjoy your time with your partner in an intimate setting, the Sudbury area will not disappoint. Surrounded by stunning scenery and natural beauty, Sudbury is the perfect place to have your unforgettable adventure wedding.


If you are adventurous, take your wedding over to one of Sudbury’s nearby provincial parks. Hike to a scenic overlook to exchange your vows, head to a sunny beach, or into the forest for some mystery. If you are feeling exceptionally adventurous, plan a multi-day hike to a secluded spot—you and your to-be spouse will be the only people in sight (along with your officiant and photographer, of course!) Snag photos that will last a lifetime on the La Cloche mountain range at Killarney Provincial Park, where you will find white quartz cliffsides and scenic overlooks. Grab your hiking boots and your favourite photographer for a day you will always remember—and don’t forget your wedding dress!


If you are looking for something more laid-back, but would still love to incorporate Northern Ontario’s beautiful scenery, take your wedding to the water with a celebration on a boat. With so many lakes surrounding Sudbury, there will be many options for your wedding-on-the-water. For a more active day, rent a canoe or kayak and head to a nearby park for scenic wildlife. For a peaceful setting, rent a boat and head onto the water at Ramsey Lake to take in a sunset and city views while you say I do… afterwards, head back into Sudbury to enjoy a romantic patio dinner to top off the evening.


If what you are missing most about a big wedding celebration is the food, then a picnic might be for you! Pack your lunch—or have it catered by a local business—and head to the park. Say “I Do” and cap it off with an intimate outdoor celebration for two in one of Sudbury’s parks, or take it farther afield and enjoy one of the Provincial Park’s picnic areas! We recommend Lake Laurentian Conservation Area for a secluded and scenic spot near the city.

Whatever you decide to do for your wedding, Quality Inn Sudbury is here to provide you with safe, comfortable accommodations. Call us today at 705.675.1273 to book your stay.

Four Provincial Parks Near Sudbury That You Need To Visit

Killarney Provincial Park


Are you longing to escape and explore the outdoors?  Look no further than Sudbury!  Located in Northeastern Ontario, Sudbury is surrounded by the beautiful Canadian Shield, including 4 provincial parks.  Check out rugged landscapes, boreal forests, beautiful lakes, and enjoy your fill of fresh air at these Provincial Parks.  

1 . Fairbank Provincial Park

Fairbank Provincial Park is a 45-minute drive West of Sudbury.  Here you will find a beautiful, spring-fed lake, with crystal clear waters and a sandy beach perfect for swimming.  This park is family-oriented, and has been a popular destination for over fifty years.  For geology buffs, it’s interesting due to its location at the edge of the Sudbury basin—a crater created by a meteor strike over a billion years ago! 

2. Windy Lake Provincial Park 

45 minutes Northwest of Sudbury you will find Windy Lake Provincial Park.  Perfect for the amateur hiker, Windy Lake offers the 3km Transition Hiking Trail. Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of birds and wildflowers growing on the forest floor. Or relax with a swim and a picnic at Windy Lake’s 1.5km of sandy shoreline. 

 3. Halfway Lake Provincial Park

If you would like to travel farther afield, head Northwest to find Halfway Lake provincial park an hour’s drive from Sudbury.  Perfect for day tripping, at Halfway Lake you will find hiking and canoeing, while being able to participate in Natural Heritage Education programs.  For wildlife enthusiasts, there is the opportunity to see nesting bald eagles and a heron rookery along the Narrows Canoe Route. Or take the Echo Pond Trail and keep your eye out for a moose!

4. Killarney Provincial Park

A similar drive Southwest will bring you to Killarney Provincial Park.  Home to dramatic landscapes, this area has been an inspiration to artists including the Group of Seven.  View the La Cloche Mountains’ white quartzite ridges, Georgian Bay’s coast of pink granite, and make your friends jealous when they see your photos.  If you’re in for a challenge, hike The Crack, a 6km trail featuring a nearly vertical climb through a rocky cascade, opening up to panoramic vistas of the surrounding forest… just be sure to wear your hiking boots!

While these three provincial parks are just a quick drive from Sudbury, they are only a taste of what we have to offer.  For a safe and comfortable space to return to after your day’s adventure, book a room at Quality Inn Sudbury or call us at 705.675.1273.