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6 Reasons Why Travelling Alone Can Be Awesome

We’ve all been there: you’re on a trip with someone and you want to go one place while they want to go to another, and you don’t have time to see both, so you give in and compromise. Well, what if I told you that you have the option to always do what you want to do? All you have to do is be the only one who has a say: because you’re alone. Travelling alone can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time travelling at all. I wouldn’t recommend travelling alone for the first time you are travelling, although you can if you want, but if you have been in that situation where you felt your trip was slightly compromised due to people not wanting the same things as you, give travelling alone a thought. If you’re thinking of trying it, here are 6 reasons why it’s great that just might help you decide.

1. It’s cheaper

This one really depends on what you’re doing, but travelling alone can be cheaper because you might choose cheaper meal options or other inexpensive options that you might not have chosen with a friend. Being with friends can be a major influence to spend money on things you wouldn’t normally, and travelling alone is a great way to avoid that. Plus, if you’re in a pub or bar, people will be inclined to buy the solo traveler a drink!

2. You learn about yourself

When you’re travelling alone, you have no one else to count on but yourself. This can be scary at times, but it can be a great way for you to get to know yourself and realize you’re much smarter or more resourceful than you thought. You learn to trust your gut, and put yourself in challenging situations where you only have yourself to turn to.

3. Eat better

You’ll notice when you travel alone that you make healthier and/or cheaper food choices. Instead of going out to a restaurant every night, you might choose to eat some cheap instant soup, eat street meat/food, or just eat a small salad. This can save you money and it can save you vacation weight.

4. New people

When you travel alone, you’ll have more chances to meet new people because you might be forced to. You won’t have a friend to rely on so you’ll turn to complete strangers. But be careful, you might just be meeting your new best friend.

5. You’re in complete control

This is my favourite part of travelling alone. I can see what I want, whenever I want, for how long I want. Ever been to the zoo with someone who either takes too long to stare at one thing, or not long enough? It can get annoying. But if you’re by yourself, you get to choose where you go, how long you stay there, and what you do when you’re there. It’s really great and relaxing.

6. You gain a new sense of accomplishment

Travelling alone is not a common thing to do because most people are simply scared to do so. Being able to brag about going on a trip alone and, most importantly, coming back alive is a great feeling.

On that note, you’ll be surprised to know that travelling alone is a lot safer than you think. As long as you have some common sense and you don’t do anything (too) stupid, you’ll be just fine. There are some disadvantages like loneliness or not being able to split the cost on something, but in the end, it’s very worth it. It’s a great experience and you’ll see yourself in a brand new way by the end of it.