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Tips to Keep Your Summer Wedding Nice and Cool

Tips to Keep Your Summer Wedding Nice and Cool

Summer brings a whole new feel to so many activities and this proves true for couples looking to tie-the-knot. Summer weddings offer:

  • More daylight;
  • Ideal season for floral arrangements;
  • And comfortable weather after sunset. 

Despite all these benefits, summer heat can be a formidable force to withstand on your wedding day. So, in honour of this truly amazing season, let’s explore some of the key ingredients to enjoying a nice cool summer wedding!

Opt for an Indoor-Outdoor Location

Choosing a wedding venue that allows you to capitalize on both an indoor and outdoor space, gives you the best of both worlds. Guests have more flexibility, should they need a reprieve from the outdoor temperatures (this can be especially important for pregnant guests).

Use Natural Shade

For outdoor weddings, take time to really assess the landscape beforehand. You may be able to arrange seats and tables under trees to provide natural sources of shade. If this isn’t an option, large table umbrellas can also suffice as a source of shade and decorative pieces that can match your colour scheme. 

Keep All Guests Well-Hydrated

Whether you want your drinks served in stylish glasses on silver trays or in a cooler loaded with ice, a summer wedding definitely calls for the availability of water, especially if the majority of your celebration will take place outside. 

Keep Food Cold

Heat isn’t only a lot for your guests, but your food as well. If you’ll be having heat-sensitive food items (e.g., seafood, meats, cheeses, etc.) served at your wedding, keeping them cool is essential to preventing guests from getting sick. This can be achieved by storing food in super-cooled serving dishes or storing food in refrigerators up until it needs to be served.