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Why Rent a Canoe on Your Trip to Sudbury

Rent a Canoe in Sudbury

Ramsey Lake attracts boaters and canoers from across the country every summer. Once the world’s largest city-contained lake, it offers a plethora of water activities.

Near Ramsey Lake, the Greater Sudbury Area also contains 330 other lakes worth exploring. Whether you enjoy fishing, swimming or cruising, the best way to experience these waters is by canoe. And here’s why:

  • Paddling is good exercise;
  • Canoes let you access sinuous rivers and canals motorboats cannot;
  • Paddle programs offer opportunities to meet locals and other fun-loving tourists;
  • Canoes teach families to work together and appreciate the outdoors;
  • Canoes cost less than most other water vessels.

To Rent or Transport Your Own Canoe

To coordinate a successful canoeing trip, you will need to bring some equipment. Alternatively, you can rent locally. The decision to bring or borrow depends on several criteria.

  • Duration—how long will you spend on your trip and how much of that time will you allot to canoeing? If you plan for a single afternoon, then hauling equipment down the highway makes little sense.
  • Transport—if you own a canoe, you must strap it to your vehicle or hitch a trailer to bring it anywhere. Vehicles with roof racks make this easy, but smaller cars need to tow. Unfortunately, towing introduces a wealth of complications. For instance, what if the hotel doesn’t accommodate trailer parking? Moreover, every 100 pounds of weight decreases fuel efficiency by 2%, so a trailer might increase the cost of your commute.
  • Accessibility—if canoes are readily available in the city, then convenience alone may decide it. After all, not just the canoe must come but also its gear (i.e. paddles, life jackets and more). To help in your research, check out these Sudbury rentals: Lu Outdoor CentreSudbury Canoe Club and Killarney Kanoes.​