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How to Add More Fishing to Your Hotel Holiday

Add fishing to Your Hotel Holiday

People tend to associate fishing with camping, but many fishers prefer the comforts of a hotel. Just because you’ve chosen to sleep in a bed does not mean you cannot enjoy the local waters. In fact, we’ve highlighted a few ways to incorporate more fishing into your hotel itinerary.

Note: Don’t forget your fishing license. If travelling outside your home province or state, you will need a permit to legally fish in the area. As well, check the open seasons so that you do not accidentally pull off-limit species from the water.

Bring a Travelling Rod and Tackle

When visiting a city like Sudbury, famed for its 330 lakes, you should anticipate some time on the water. But if the purpose of your trip is not fishing-related, then pack only the essentials. For example, a collapsible rod and a small tackle box with your favourite lures.

You needn’t worry about nets, buckets or coolers because you must catch and release when staying in a hotel. Fresh fish will not keep for days on ice. Not to mention, there’s nowhere appropriate to clean the fish.

Set an Early Alarm

Most hotels start serving breakfast around 6:30am, so you can rise early to get some fishing in.  On a business trip, events will start mid-morning, so slipping out at dawn will go unnoticed.

Fish like the mornings anyway. The sun warms the shallows and makes for a more comfortable feeding environment. As the sun intensifies, fish retreat into the depths for cooler temperatures. This means your peak fishing period lasts only a few hours, giving you time to do other things later.

Check for Local Programs

Ask the front desk if the hotel manages or promotes any fishing expeditions in the area. If so, these can be a great way to get some fishing in over a hotel holiday. They are also great for meeting other people and experiencing the natural beauties of a new place. Most programs include equipment, so research ahead of time to avoid packing unnecessary gear.