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Hotels with Outdoor Activities: Great Fun for Anti-Campers

Hotels with Outdoor Activities

Not everyone who likes nature enjoys camping. Some like their outdoor activities in moderation, making hotels more suitable for long stays. That way, they have access to modern bathroom facilities, restaurants and beds.

More importantly, hotels connect to major transit lines, opening visitors to a greater range of exploration. For example, Sudbury contains various outdoor destinations that are reachable from the city:

  • Bell Park Walkway,
  • Onaping Falls,
  • Lake Laurentian Conservation Area,
  • Windy Lake Provincial Park,
  • Fielding Memorial Park,
  • And Fairbank Provincial Park.

Some hotels run outdoor programs directly while others promote local organizations and clubs. A few outdoor activities you might discover in Sudbury include sailing the 330 lakes, swinging rounds on the green and hitting the trails.

Canoe and Boating

Renting a boat for the day is an excellent choice for passing a warm afternoon. Whether you plan to bring a rod and tackle or equipment for water sporting, boating can enhance any leisure trip. Just don’t forget your swim trunks!

Hiking and Biking

Sudbury parks offer diverse trails that network throughout the region. For bird watching, cycling, strolling and more, these trails welcome outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Should you choose to picnic, you can stop for supplies near the hotel, too.

City Tours

City tours involve lots of walking and sightseeing. On a beautiful day, an organized tour is one of the best ways to experience a new city. Most hotels run shuttles to tour destinations or sell tickets at the front desk.


Playing 18 holes can take up a full afternoon. At least golfing is an excellent form of exercise and an enjoyable pastime with friends. The Sudbury region offers dozens of popular courses that you can visit.

Patio Lounging

Sipping a cold one on the patio counts as an outdoor activity. Patios attract swarms of people in the summer months. They offer a different atmosphere compared to the fire pit—one more integrated with local living.