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Sudbury Spotlight: Sudbury Jazz Festival 2019

The highly anticipated and always beautiful Sudbury Jazz festival is scheduled to
take place from September 4-8th , 2019. This year’s festival marks the 10th
anniversary of the festival and organization. Sudbury will be expecting lots of
attention and excitement as we approach this event. Jazz lovers all over the city,
perhaps all over the province, will be excited to hear that Juno award-winner Robi
Botos will be attending the event.

Robi Botos blends the musical techniques of the greats, his personal idols, in a way
that is supremely satisfying. It creates his personal and unique sound and musical
expression. His most recent album “Old Soul”, a tribute to his home country of
Hungary, won him his Jazz Album of the Year (solo) award.

Other big names include French-Canadian artist Rebecca Noelle and 2019 Emerging
Artist Showcase winners the Ian McGimpsey Quartet. The full roster will be
announced on June 20th.

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