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Your Voice Needs to be Heard!

Your voice needs to be heard

Continuing to better the customer experience is one of the main objectives of any good hotel. A crucial part of this is understanding the main areas where customers feel improvement is required. But how can we achieve this without your feedback?

What Are Hotel Reviews All About?

Hotel reviews are all about an unbiased, personal opinion of your stay at a hotel. They help people determine if this establishment is in line with what they’re looking for. Some customers just want the bare minimum – a safe establishment to store their luggage and spend the nights  – while others are looking for all the amenities a hotel can offer. Hotel reviews can play a big role in helping other travellers choose a hotel.

Your Words Can Better Our Business

When you leave a positive online review or communicate to friends and family that you had a good time at a certain hotel, you are bolstering that hotels credibility. After all, aren’t you more inclined to stay at a hotel if they have phenomenal reviews?

A review can be given through word-of-mouth or through online review sites. There are three main factors that impact the effectiveness of online reviews:

  1. Volume of reviews: As the amount of reviews increases so does the
  1. How Recent the Reviews Are: Older reviews tend to be outdated and may not be an accurate representation of the hotel’s current condition. Potential guests always look more favourably upon recent reviews.
  1. Guest Satisfaction: Guest satisfaction is the most important point. High volumes of recent reviews don’t matter if they’re not positive. Ensuring the customers happiness is the end goal.


So, the next time you have an awesome hotel experience remember that leaving a review gives someone else the opportunity to have the same awesome experience you did and rewards the hotel for its good work