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Why You Should Travel to the Same City Twice

There are many reasons to return to a city—family or friends who live there or business. For vacationing, though, some travellers feel as if visiting a destination twice is wasteful. With thousands of places to see around the world, why limit yourself to somewhere you’ve already been?

Interestingly, most people disagree.

The Telegraph reports that 91% of British travellers prefer to return to their favourite holiday destinations rather than explore new places. Statistics in North America likely compare because vacationers—not adventurers—are creatures of habit.

Familiarity Relieves Travel Stress

Returning somewhere ensures a predictable experience. We know what to expect of the weather, food, activities and people. If a place meets all our travel criteria, then why go somewhere else that might not stack up? Thus, for those who travel only one season a year, returning to a city is safe and guarantees a successful break

Not to mention, loyalty to a hotel or resort creates opportunities for future deals and perks. This can make vacationing more feasible.

Sightseeing Sometimes Takes Two Goes

Likewise, some people return to a favourite spot because their previous visit felt incomplete. Perhaps, the portion of the city they did explore resonated strongly, making them want to go back and see the rest.

Often, the second round of sightseeing is a more positive experience because the tourism pressures are gone. When you first arrive in a new place, you have preconceived notions of what the city will look and feel like—you might be disappointed with the reality. The second time, however, these pressures are non-existent; you know the city already. This makes exploration easier and more neutral, opening you back up to moments of awe.