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Why You Should Hold Your Wedding at a Hotel

Why You Should Hold Your Wedding at a Hotel

As you go through life, you will experience moments that stand out from the rest and your wedding day is definitely one of those moments. Tying-the-knot is a momentous event that marks the beginning of a new chapter of your life. 

When planning your wedding one of the most important decisions to consider is, of course, the location of the wedding. Location impacts costs, convenience for yourself and your guest and can even impact your ability to style the venue to your taste. Below, are all the reasons why a hotel is a great location to have your big day!

Keeps Everything at One Location

A significant advantage of holding your wedding at a hotel is the convenience of being able to have everything at one location. Unlike with other venues, hotels can host the wedding, reception and offer honeymoon suite for the married couple and rooms for all the guests. 

Having everything at a central location not only makes your special day less stressful but also more convenient for those attending the ceremony. When multiple locations come into the mix, it becomes easier for people to get lost more money is spent on gas and some guests may only choose to attend the wedding ceremony or reception instead of both. 

Offers More Activities

Many hotels are located in the center of the city, putting guests in the most central location to enjoy activities offered in the city. From restaurants, bar, clubs and other indoor and outdoor activities, your guests will be in close proximity to other forms of entertainment when not at your wedding or reception area. 

Enables You to Take Advantage of Packages

Many hotels offer wedding packages. These packages can include the wedding, reception and even a honeymoon suite for the wedding as well! In regards to more detailed aspects of the wedding itself, wedding packages can include decorations, catering and even music.