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Why You Should Hit the Slopes This Winter

Why You Should Hit the Slopes This Winter

With freezing temperatures, harsh winds and cold snow blanketing the ground, do you plan on waiting out winter indoors? Although winter weather can be frightful, with the proper preparation and attire, winter is an excellent season for outdoor activities and no winter activities list would be complete without skiing. Here are four reasons why you need to hit the ski hills this winter.

Improves Coordination and Balance

Skiing helps improve your overall body awareness and understanding how it occupies the space around you. This activity also engages various body parts when navigating down the slopes. Core muscles are used to stabilize your upper body and stay upright, while your leg muscles help navigate you down the hills. 

Coordination and balance benefits are especially visible in young children, who are still working to develop efficient motor skills. 

Betters Your Overall Health

Skiing is an excellent form of exercise. Taking to the slopes builds your cardiovascular system and also improves flexibility and strength. So, if the cold winter weather is stopping you from getting in a jog or some other form of physical activity, take up skiing!

Builds Perseverance

Skiing comes with a bit of a learning curve, for those who have never attempted the winter sport before. Initially, you may find more of your time is spent falling than going down the hill. Although these minor setbacks can be frustrating, they also provide great opportunities to develop a successful mindset. Especially for young kids starting off, skiing helps instill in them, when you fall, you get back up and try again.

Develops a Respect for Nature

Not only does skiing get us active and help us develop character traits for success, but it does all this while exposing us to nature. Whether you’re skiing on a mountain or a large hill, having the opportunity to be outdoors can help you see a side of nature you’d never otherwise be exposed to.