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Why You Need to Add Small Town Travel to Your Bucket List

Why You Need to Add Small Town Travel to Your Bucket List

Many hold the perception that small towns are boring places that one should strive to leave, in pursuit of a more adventurous life; however, if you’ve ever lived in an urban environment you can appreciate the beauty and culture that smaller towns have to offer. Here are three reasons why we should all add small town travel to our Bucket Lists!

Strong Sense of Community

Small towns tend to possess a greater community feel that you can’t experience in their larger counterparts. Smaller populations encourage people to know the members of their community and forge deeper connections in ways that wouldn’t be possible in larger urban cities. This more connected-community feel promotes a friendlier, more outgoing culture that makes meeting new people easier.

Beautiful Landscapes

Not to say that many urban landscapes aren’t picturesque in their own right; however, the country-feel that tends to come in smaller towns has a certain charm that the big city just can’t replicate.

You may not want to reside in a small town, but you should definitely aspire to experience the slower pace of life, natural scenery and wildlife that tends to be more plentiful away from larger urban settings. 

Appreciation for Life’s Simple Pleasures

With a slower pace of life and much less of the attractions found in large cities, small towns will help you develop an appreciation for the little things, such as:

  • A walk in nature;
  • A bonfire with friends;
  • Or a picnic in the park.

These moments, regardless of how simplistic they may seem in the moment, can be great reminders of what’s really important in life and help us put certain areas of our lives in perspective. So, what small town will you visit on your next adventure?