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Why Travelling is Great in Any Stage of Life

Have you ever wanted to take that trip but figured you’ll wait until you’re in the “right” place in life? What exactly does the right place in life look like?

Childhood Travels

It’s your early childhood experiences that plant seeds of exploration inside of you–later bedtimes, jumping into lakes with siblings and friends or exploring fun exhibits with your parents (annoying them the whole time, of course). All these factors work to excite you about visiting new places in the future.

Friends Getaway

As you get older, travelling with your parents no longer seems cool, so you’ll upgrade your travel group from parents and siblings to friends. With this new group, you’ll have new experiences and make new memories—all the while creating lifelong friendships and learning about why you enjoy new places.

First Solo Trip

You’re older now–maybe done post-secondary education–and looking to explore more of what the world offers on your own. A solo trip allows you to focus on exploring what you want to explore, free from the opinions of others.

Dynamic Duo

An experienced traveller yourself, by this stage of life you may be in a relationship, married or just a close friend with whom you wish to share your travels. This can be a great experience, as a travel partner lends a different perspective for which you can see the world.

Family Fun

Travelling has come full circle for you. At this point, you have children of your own and you look forward to creating fun memories with them, which you did with your parents. You are no longer a small child afraid to venture out on his/her own. Instead, you try to instill that same love for exploration in your own little one.

It’s depressing to think that where you are in life might prevent you from exploring new places and seeing new things. No matter your age or status–single, married, young adult or a parent–interacting with the world is something we all can enjoy, so don’t let fear or complacency hold you back!