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Why Should I Get Travel Insurance?

Why Should I Get Travel Insurance?

If you are planning a trip out of the country or even just out of province, having travellers insurance is highly recommended. Here is why you should have travellers insurance on your next trip. 

Covers Disruptions to your Trip

When travelling, there is so much that’s beyond our control and unfortunately this can lead to costly disruptions to your travel plans. Flight delays and emergency cancellations are examples of trip disruptions that can be covered by some travel insurance plans. 

Protects You from Medical Costs

If you happen to sustain an injury while travelling out of the country, you may find yourself dealing with a hefty medical bill. Depending on the country, the extent of your care and the duration of your hospital stay, your medical treatment can be quite high. Travellers insurance will cover any medical costs incurred over the course of your trip.

Reimburses You for Lost Luggage

If your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged while in another country, you can end up paying significant expenses out-of-pocket. Comprehensive travel insurance can reimburse you for your items, so you’re not left responsible for the expenses.

Purchasing travel insurance is a proactive measure that is definitely worth taking you’re travelling out of the country. Make sure to do your research, prior to your trip, so you can purchase the best travel insurance for your needs.