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Why Mini Golf Needs to Be Your Next Social Activity

Why Mini Golf Needs to Be Your Next Social Activity

If you’re looking for an activity to do with the family or a fun way to spend date night with your significant other, look no further than mini golf. Mini golf is fun for all ages and requires minimal physical prowess to participate. Below, are reasons why mini golf should be your next social event with friends or family

Promotes Social Interaction

Mini golf is a great activity for both youth and adults to spend time with others. While playing, participants can converse and learn more about the individuals they’re playing with and just enjoy each other’s company. Group activities like this, also promote healthy social behaviours for kids. They learn to patiently wait for their turn and also how to handle both winning and losing positively. 

Takes Kids Away From Electronics

Nowadays it’s so common to see kids planted in front of an electronic device for hours on end–whether they’re watching TV, playing video games or just browsing the internet. Mini golf is a great way to get kids outside, in the fresh air and participating in a healthy activity, that also gets them physically active. 

Engages You Mentally

Each mini golf course is designed in a different style and shape to provide different challenges than the course prior to it. At each new hole the players will have to develop new strategies to successfully move the ball through the course with as few hits as possible. 

Develops Hand-Eye Coordination

Mini golf also helps improve an individual’s hand-eye coordination. As players strive to guide the ball accurately toward the hole, they’ll use their fine motor skills to direct the ball in the direction it needs to go, with the appropriate amount of force for the distance. 

If you’re looking to enjoy mini golf this spring and summer, check out Sudbury’s Dinosaur Valley mini golf. Offering seven different courses, a total of 63 holes and giant steel dinosaurs and dragons decorating the course, it will be an experience the whole family will enjoy.