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Why Hotels Are Still At the Top of Travel Accommodations

Why Hotels Are Still At the Top of Travel Accommodations

In today’s world, hotels are having to compete with more and more alternative forms of accommodations. Services such as Airbnb and hostels give travellers other options when looking for a place to stay away from home. 

The remainder of this post will explore the benefits offered by hotels that set them apart from other forms of travel accommodations. 

Availability Worldwide

Aside from staying with family or friends, hotels are one of the oldest forms of accommodations. They have been utilized all around the globe to house people on their travels for centuries, which means there’s a high likelihood that your travel destination will have a local hotel you can utilize

Ample Amenities

Whether you’re travelling for adventure, vacation, business or something else, getting away from home should spell a reprieve from the responsibilities associated with maintaining a household. Hotels are one of the only forms of accommodations that take amenities seriously. Staying at a hotel you can look forward to housekeeping, in-room toiletries, room service, laundry service, internet access, towels.

Better Socialization

Whether you’re staying in a boutique hotel or a large hotel chain, most hotels offer a bar where you can get a drink and potentially socialize with other guests of the hotel. This is a feature that other accommodations don’t necessarily provide.

So, if having the opportunity to meet and talk with other is a big part of what’s important to you on your travels, a hotel may be the route to go.

Greater Safety

Another great aspect of hotels is guest safety. A significant aspect of a hotel’s business model is creating a space that guests will feel safe in at all hours of the day. The extent of the safety measures in place at a hotel varies depending on the hotel and the country it resides in; but, the following are common security measures practiced by most hotels:

  • Hotel staff trained in responding to emergencies and first aid;
  • Surveillance cameras on the premises;
  • And hotel security guards.