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Why Do We Travel?

Why Do We Travel?

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a traveller, travel is something we’re all likely to do at some point. We may not all travel outside of the country or make it a goal to take a trip once a year, but due to some life circumstance, you will likely find yourself travelling somewhere. 

If travel hasn’t been a part of your past and you don’t see it being a part of your future, the following are reasons why you might just find yourself going on a trip. And who knows, you might just enjoy the experience!

Visiting Family

Do you have family in a distant part of the country or maybe a whole other country altogether? When large distances separate you from loved ones, travel becomes necessary to see one another. 

Attending a Wedding

A wedding is a pivotal moment in a person’s life and one that most want to share with friends and family. Perhaps someone you know has invited you to share in their big day and they live in another province/state or even another country. To be there and celebrate with this individual, a trip will be required. 

Enjoying the Company of Friends

Travelling is great for spending time with friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you like spending time in the city, exploring nature or just lounging at the beach, travel has something for everyone!

Avoiding Undesirable Weather

You may have no real desire to travel or experience a new culture; however, unfavourable seasons of weather can provide ample incentive to travel for many. 

Regardless of your source of motivation behind travel, make the most of the opportunity when it presents itself. Even if you’re just travelling to attend a wedding, spend a bit of time researching local attractions at the wedding destination and schedule in a bit of time to visit some or just explore the city.