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Where Can I Look Up Authentic Hotel Reviews?

Product reviews can sway a public’s decision to buy. They investigate a product based on its specifications and how well it delivers them.

Reviews in the service sector work differently, as there are no quantifiable metrics. The value perceived matters most, a reason why reviews control service-based businesses.

Hotels Are Unique in That Both Amenities and Customer Service Affect Value

The hospitality industry sits in a unique position: it is both product and service-oriented. Hotels offer in-suite and lobby services, but how one enjoys these amenities depends on the friendliness and competence of the staff.

Sources for Reviews on a Hotel’s Customer Service

As a potential customer, there are a few places you can go to assess the quality of a hotel’s customer service. Some sources are more trustworthy than others. Never rely on information from one source to avoid biases.

On the Website

Most hotels include testimonials somewhere online. These are snippets of feedback left behind by guests. Testimonials offer limited insights as they do not accurately depict the average experience. They are mostly advertising tools; the marketer picks the exceptional ones to display.

Social Media

A hotel has little control over comments made on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. This makes social media an honest source of reviews.

Some people do get carried away with social media: one bad experience can trump a dozen good ones. Bear in mind that amplification is a concern when it comes to social media reviews.

Travel Blogs

Some individuals prefer to keep their reviews private. They write about their experiences on a blog for subscribers and visitors. Travel blogs give context surrounding positive and negative points made about a hotel. That said, when researching blogs, check for sponsorships that might influence the author’s opinions.

Google Business

A major source of traffic for many hotels is Google Maps. Listings on Google Maps link to business pages on the Google+ platform. These pages can collect reviews that display in search results. Google Business reviews should be among the first to consult.

Discount Websites

If you use a third-party booking service, the hotel listing likely comes with a few ratings. Check these out before making a reservation.