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What’s on Your Travel Bucket List?

What's on Your Bucket List?

Do you make it a point to write down your travel aspirations? This is exactly what a travel bucket list is for. They include foreign travel destinations to specific experiences you dream of having. Travel bucket lists aren’t limited to goals currently deemed unrealistic. Yours may include simple goals to be achieved in the near future. So, what does your travel bucket list include for this summer?

Get Inspired

Inspiration can come from numerous sources. Reading travel magazines, watching movies shot in desirable locations or just talking to others with a passion for travel can generate new ideas for your travel bucket list. As you think of ideas that you like, write them out for brainstorming.

Prioritize Your List

Unfortunately, boundless time and disposable income doesn’t describe the majority of our situations. This is where prioritization becomes key. Not all of your aspirations can necessarily be realized over the summer or even in the next year. Two factors to consider when prioritizing your list are excitability and feasibility. For excitability, consider whether the idea of this trip gets the blood pumping and you just can’t wait to go. Feasibility pertains to details such as:

  • How close is the destination?
  • Is it currently in your budget or would it require saving to afford?
  • How much time would this trip require and do you have it available?

After considering these details for each point on your list, you’ll have a good sense of the top priorities and which ones to put off for a later time. In some cases, excitement can overshadow the financial and logistical stresses of a trip; however, it’s always important to have a clear travel budget to prevent going overboard.

Solo or Group Travel?

When planning a trip, you must consider whether you would rather have these experiences alone or share it with others. Your stage in life can be a huge factor in this decision. Will your spouse be interested in the same travel destination as you? Are your children very young for this trip? Maybe you’re travelling with close friends and then there is the option of going on a solo trip.