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What to Look Forward to in Spring

What to Look Forward to in Spring

Spring is right around the corner! A new season goes so much further than a temperature change. It’s a time of ushering in new behaviours in wildlife and humans alike, opening doors to activities that couldn’t or wouldn’t be done otherwise and ultimately allows us to experience a new side of life!

So, with winter winding to an end and spring eager to make its appearance, what can we look forward to in this seasonal shift?

The Longer Days

Longer days translate to more hours of daylight to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re riding your bike, playing a favourite sport or just hanging with friends at a park, more sun means you’ll be able to revel in these moments longer before the dark and cold of night ushers you home. 

The Warmer Weather

As spring arrives, it brings higher temps that warm our bones from the long endured chill of winter. No longer are we forced to wear multiple layers and our thickest attire as a shield from the winter cold, but now we can don lighter, more freeing wear that better embodies the jovial spirit that comes with this time of year. 

The Sneak Preview of What’s to Come

Like the trailer for a highly anticipated movie, spring is that precursor of what’s to come in summer. For many, it’s experiencing this transition and preparation of what’s to come that makes spring the best season of all. With baby birds announcing their arrival through a symphony of chirps, leaves of all shapes and sizes bursting onto the trees and the sweet smell that seems to be a trademark of spring, this season is truly a masterful representation of our planet’s beauty!

With natural trails, open parks and multiple bodies of water, Sudbury is the perfect city to witness the full beauty of spring coming to fruition.