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What to Look Forward to in Fall

What to Look Forward to in Fall

Summer is not yet done; however, as August draws to a close we can sense the sun is setting on yet another awesome season of sun and warmth. Although most of summer 2018 is in the review mirror, this shouldn’t be cause for disappointment. Fall is an incredible season and offers much that summer just can’t. Here’s what to look forward to in fall of 2018!

Ideal Temperatures

After a long winter, many of us welcome the heat of summer, but those intensely hot days are a lot on anyone. Fall offers optimal temperatures, as it’s not too hot or too cold. So, for those that love time outdoors, don’t worry if you haven’t been able to fit in much time for it over the summer, the fall is still a great time for hiking and road trips.

Beautiful Colour

Even if you’re not a nature person, we can all appreciate the beauty of nature in the fall. As the leaves change colour and begin to fall to the ground, our world takes on a whole new look. So, if you’re looking to capitalize on outdoor photos, this is the season for you!


In addition to positive changes in the environment, fall is also home to Thanksgiving. This means an opportunity to connect with loved ones and enjoy great food. With school, work and household responsibilities, many of us get so busy we don’t have time for the people in our lives that make life worth living. Occasions such as Thanksgiving provide an occasion for us to forget about work and reconnect with special people in our lives. 

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we appreciate the beauty of the fall season and love that Sudbury’s natural landscape puts it on display in so many different ways (e.g., hiking, canoeing, public parks and more!).