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What to Do When Weather is Bad on Vacation

What to Do When Weather is Bad on Vacation

Sometimes nature’s plans don’t always align with ours. Torrential downpours, excessive snowfall or even strong winds can prevent you from taking part in your original outdoor activities.

Take Advantage of Hotel Amenities

You may not be able to go swimming in the lake anymore; however, what’s stopping you from enjoying the refreshing waters of your hotel swimming pool? Just because bad weather has removed outdoor activities as an option, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hotel’s amenities.

Go Shopping or Explore Indoor Attractions

If heavy rains or snow are preventing you from exploring the outdoor aspects of a city, use this opportunity to checkout its indoor attractions, such as shopping centres. Sudbury is home to indoor attractions and activities, such as:

  • Dynamic earth;
  • Science North;
  • Or Arc Climbing

Brave the Elements

Bad weather conditions can quickly put a damper on outdoor plans (i.e., hiking, canoeing or a picnic in a park, etc.) Depending on the severity of the weather conditions and if you’ve packed appropriate clothing, you may still be able to carry on with your plans; however, it’s important to always make safety a top priority. Never participate in outdoor activities if unfavourable weather conditions put your safety at risk.

Catch Up On Sleep

Maybe your vacation has been filled with non-stop action and this provides the perfect opportunity to get some much-needed rest and relaxation. Whether that’s relaxing to your favourite TV show or just taking a nap, you can get the refresher you need to continue on with your trip and return home well rested.


Don’t let the weather dictate how much fun you have on your vacation, use these tips to get the most out of your trip. Here at Sudbury Quality Inn, we are proud to provide all our guests with top-quality service, so, even in the event of bad weather, the fun can still continue!