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What Makes Holiday Travel So Stressful?

What Makes Holiday Travel So Stressful?

It’s common to feel exhausted after a holiday. With all the planning and activities, even a small weekend trip can prompt unwelcome stress. Compound that with the holiday season and the result can be meltdown-inducing.

When you start pulling at your hair, the best thing to do is reflect upon what’s stressing you out. Identifying your triggers is an essential first step in stress management.

The Busyness

Remember how you felt stepping into malls last holiday season? Claustrophobic likely describes it. Airports, train stations and bus terminals will feel no less cramped during peak periods. The crowds alone can be enough to stress some travellers out.

But busyness means more than congestion. It can also mean no vacancies. If you cannot stay in the hotel of your choice or fly on the day you’d prefer, it can cast a shadow over an otherwise perfect trip. The only way to really avoid this is to plan your holiday travel early.

Coordinating with Friends and Family

Holiday seasons are great excuses for big family get-togethers and parties with friends. Because everyone feels this way, though, you’ll find scheduling conflicts a frequent occurrence close to the New Year. Just arranging a dinner can be tough for some people, so planning full week trips with others can feel nearly impossible during the holidays.

To overcome coordination conflicts, consider downloading an app or setting up routine meetings. For more information on scheduling such things, check out our post on planning group getaways.

High Expectations

Although portrayed as a mirthful time, the holiday season can be depressing for some people. Even those who remain indifferent likely feel the pressure to do something special while others celebrate the season. Pumping up an occasion too much can deflate it long before the day it arrives. Conversely, it can leave bitter disappointment if the plans never meet the high expectations.

Money, Money, Money

The holidays cost a lot—there’s no refuting that. In fact, the holiday season experiences surge pricing, where many hotels and airlines jack the prices considering the increased demand. Travelling slightly out of season can save big money. Compromising on some of your destinations and activities can also help the bottom line.