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What Kind of Traveller Are You?

What kind of traveller are you

When you think of travel what comes to mind? It’s a topic with so many facets to it. Many of us revel at the thought of reaching a certain travel destination, while others reminisce on vacations past. What is clear is that our motives behind these trips can vary greatly. So, what type of traveller are you?

Cultural Explorer

The cultural explorer is fascinated with experiencing how people live in other parts of the world. These individuals prefer exploring local foods, hangouts and customs over historical sites.


Thrill-seekers aren’t afraid to get the adrenaline pumping, in fact they live for it. Always trying to find the craziest and most extreme activities their chosen destination has to offer, safety is left in the rear-view mirror with this bunch.

Business Traveller

Thanks to work, the business traveller has the opportunity to visit beautiful destinations for work. Unfortunately, this traveller has limited control as to what he or she would do while in the country. More time is allocated to business meetings than uncovering a new location’s culture or visiting local attractions. Despite the limited freedom, this type of travel definitely beats working from a cubicle!

Economical Traveller

Is stretching your dollar a main concern on vacation? Do you skip the luxuries for their more basic counterparts? The economical traveller may not indulge in extravagances but finds joy in exploring a country without breaking the bank.


No matter whether you fit into one of these categories or none, the key is understanding what part of travel excites you. Hopefully these different types of travellers have opened your eyes as to some of the other approaches that can be taken to travel. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll try one on your next trip and have a blast!