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What Does Your Age Say About Your Travel Habits?

What Does Your Age Say About Your Travel Habits?

Are you aware of the impact your age can have on your travel habits? Age plays a significant role in determining income and also dictates the generational ideals you were exposed to that play into how you view travel. So, how has your age impacted your travels?

What to Know About Age and Travel

Generation Z (Born in 1994 and After)

Out of all age groups, Generation Z takes the cake when it comes to being adventurous. Individuals in this age group are most likely to choose an international destination for vacationing.

Due to individuals in the Generation Z category being younger and tending to have a lower income, they are also the most likely group to stick to a budget during their travels.

Millennials (Age 24 to 35)

Travel trends linked with millennials are, liking their all-inclusive vacations and preferring to spend their vacation outdoors. This age group is also the most affected by advertisements.

Generation X (Ages 36 to 55)

On average, Generation X travels the least; however, when they do get out there, this group does their research and pays close attention to reviews. Generation Xer’s tend to care about getting a good deal.

Baby Boomers

And last but certainly not least are the Baby Boomers. This age group is the most resistant to travel ads, social media marketing or other forms of marketing. This group mainly travels to visit friends and family and are the least restricted with budget as they’ve had an entire career to build their financial position.

Travel has something to offer all of us, at every stage of life. Do you find that you travel according to your generation or are you breaking the mold? No matter where you fit, make sure you take advantage of opportunities to see our world and explore all it has to offer!