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What About Travelling Entices You?

What is it about a place that draws you in? We all have different motives that inspire us to visit a certain location, but what about once we get there? Do you break out of your comfort zone and explore all that a city has to offer? There is so much for us to discover in new places: are you open to the possibilities?


For all the foodies out there, travel provides an opportunity to partake in unique cuisine experiences. An exotic meal is more than just trying a new dish; it encompasses the entire consumption process. This includes the venue, servers, music and just overall atmosphere.


If physical activity is a passion of yours, then what better way to stay active than exploring a new landscape. Whether you’re swimming, fishing, tubing or kayaking in a lake or hiking, camping or playing in the local conservation park, travelling has something for all nature lovers to take part in

What about Your Own Backyard?

A trip doesn’t have to be overseas to be a good one. With quality food, outdoor space and entertaining attractions for the whole family, Ontario is home to attractions for people at various stages of life.   

There is a reason why there are multiple topics on this list; being one dimensional isn’t the way to go, my friends. Yes, a specific factor may encourage you to visit a place, but now that you’re here, it’s time to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

Not Adventurous Enough?

Well, that’s what friends are for. If you know that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone won’t work, consider a travel companion or group travel.

Close friends can embolden you to try new experiences that you would never have considered. For some, just the thought of physical activity exhausts them; however, maybe you’ve never hiked and might relish the physical challenge while taking in nature’s beauty. Or, maybe you prefer your go-to-foods no matter where you are. A travel companion can encourage you to try new things and recommend dishes that they themselves really like.