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Creative Ways to Get Around When Somewhere New

Creative Ways to Get Around When Somewhere New


Depending on how you arrive in a new city, your transportation might be limited. If you flew in and shuttled to your hotel, then you’re in charge of getting yourself to wherever you want to go. Thankfully, you can find rentals for help. Some need scheduling in advance while others accept impromptu guest registrations.

Bike or Scooter

Weather permitting, you may want to cycle the city. Cycling works best closer to the downtown core and along forest trails and runs. Most cities place bike racks at corners and in parking lots, so finding a place to lock up won’t be an issue.

Scooters are another option for those interested in automatic vehicles without insurance and roofs. They’re often rentable from the same places you would find bikes. That said, they do take gas and can add to your expenses.


Boats come in many forms: paddle, row, or motor. Each includes its own subset of vessels. For example, a motor boat can be for fishing, cruising, or sporting. Cities on lakes and rivers often attract outdoor enthusiasts looking for such things. Unfortunately, boats don’t provide any means of travelling downtown.

Vehicle: Car, Cab, or Rideshare

Like boats, vehicles are available in many shapes and sizes. Your role as driver or passenger may change depending how you rent. For example, if you rent a vehicle for the week, you assume responsibility as the driver and insurer. Alternatively, if you use a rideshare or taxi program, you pay per one-way trip.


Some cities offer helicopter tours. This is a spectacularly fun way of viewing the city and its surrounding areas. Likewise, seaplane tours showcase a region’s vast geography. In Sudbury, you can find helicopter tours through Wilderness and other independent companies.


Horseback tours take meandering trails on the city outskirts, through wooded areas and fields. Like boats, these tours are perfect for adventure seekers, outdoor enthusiasts, and animal lovers. Unfortunately, you can’t rent a horse for the week. Nor can you ride one off approved paths and property lines.

Public Transit

Cities run buses, subways, and trains regularly to help people get around. Most often, public transit is your best option when hitting popular destinations. Otherwise, you might need something with more flexibility.