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Uncover New Ways to Keep Productivity High on a Plane

Uncover New Ways to Keep Productivity High on a Plane

While soaring at 30,000 feet above the ground, we are all faced with the question of how we’re going to spend our time. Now, if we’re all being honest, I bet many of us opt for the in-flight movies; however, for those looking to maximize productivity, this isn’t the best route. So, the next time you fly, use this advice to keep your productivity high.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Planning for the work you intend to do on the flight goes a long way in maintaining productivity throughout the flight. If you won’t have access to WI-FI, take that into consideration when choosing what tasks you’ll work on and what you’ll need to complete them. For instance, Google Drive documents can be accessible offline by downloading the Chrome extension Google Docs Offline. Downloading this prior to your trip enables you to view and edit your work offline. 

Also, Gmail Offline allows you to draft emails, search your messages and archive notes, all while offline. And the best part is, you won’t have new emails popping up to distract you as you work. 

Take a Small Break

Sometimes taking a brief break from your work is exactly what’s required to help you refocus on it. If you find you’re having trouble staying focused on the task at hand, take 15 minutes to do something unrelated (e.g., read a magazine or a book) to clear your mind. Sometimes a small break is exactly what’s required to zone in on your work again. 

Board with a Full Stomach

Not only does eating prior to your flight open you up to a much larger array of food options, it also means you can potentially get through the flight without the in-flight meal. This allows you to maximize your work time on the flight, as you won’t be interrupted by food.