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What Types of Travel Insurance Can You Buy?

What Types of Travel Insurance Can You Buy?

For domestic and international travel, you need to protect yourself from injury, illness and other accidents with an insurance policy. There are myriad packages available online and through agencies—some more comprehensive than others—making it difficult to determine which policies you need.

This article breaks down the common coverage plans for travellers to help you make more informed decisions.

Medical Insurance

Most health plans do not cover expenses incurred outside of the country. This means that you must foot the bill for medical services like hospitalization, ambulances, prescriptions and more. Depending on the destination, this could equate to thousands of unexpected dollars.

Evacuation services, either because of medical or security emergency, often fall under an extended medical insurance plan or an entirely separate policy. This type of protection is most common for those travelling to remote places or staying aboard a cruise ship.

Life Insurance

Should you die on vacation, travel life insurance pays out additional benefits to the policy you already own. This policy covers expenses like transporting your body or remains back home.

Trip Protection

Trip protection includes the following:

  • Cancellation—full or partial reimbursement for your travel bills (i.e. hotel and airfare) should you need to cancel before the departure;
  • Interruption—if you must end your trip early, you can request compensation for the transportation and accommodation services you paid for already;
  • Delay—travel delays can lead to extra meals, hotel stays or even alternative forms of transportation, all of which you would normally pay out-of-pocket;
  • Lost Baggage—if the airline, bus or train loses your luggage in transit, you will receive the value of said goods so that you can repurchase them and continue with your trip;
  • Rental—for vehicle rentals, you will also require additional automotive insurance in the case of a collision.