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Travels Apps to Make Your Trip that Much Better


Creating awesome memories is one thing, but being able to capture those moments really completes a trip. The LiveTrekker app is an interactive map that marks your route along your travels. The app allows you to take pictures, video, audio and text as you go, leaving you with a multimedia journal of your travel experiences.


For many of us, visiting new places can be a thrilling concept – one much scarier when language barriers are present. Travelling to a new country, where the majority don’t speak your language, can be frustrating. Duolingo is an app that enables users to learn basic phrases and terminology in another language. So, the next time you need to learn another language on your trip, Duolingo has the tools to help you out.

Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App

Does your trip include some fun in the sun? This app takes info such as skin type, time of day and your location. With this information, it provides an estimate of how long you can be out in the sun before you get burnt. The Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference app also provides the UV forecast for your location.

App in the Air

App in the Air updates you on flight status and manages your time at the airport. Conveniently, breaking each flight into four phases:

  • Check-in
  • Boarding
  • Takeoff
  • And landing

This app betters your management of time surrounding your flight. Plus, it assimilates with another app Tripit, allowing you to import your flights.


Are you planning a group trip and looking to share the costs? Splittr is the perfect app for you. As you embark on your trip, cost details can be entered – including who paid for what – and the app divides the costs between all members of the group.