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Travelling with a Disability

Travelling with a Disability

Has a disability inhibited your ability to travel? Visual, hearing, mobility, learning or mental impairments can make travelling a more challenging experience; however, it doesn’t have to hold you back from exploring new places! Here are tips for travelling with a disability.

Be Proactive

Proactivity is essential for setting your trip up for success. Do your research on desired tourist attractions and how to meet your needs. For example, locate wheelchair ramps, sidewalks, bus routes, subway stations and accessible building entrances. Preparing for all possible scenarios reduces your chances of running into a situation and being unprepared.

Even with diligent planning, the unexpected can always occur. Have you considered travelling with a partner? Having another person with you means there’s someone to provide assistance should you need it.

Booking a Hotel

When planning your hotel stay, create a checklist of important accessibility criteria such as:

  • Designated handicap parking;
  • Automated door opening;
  • Roll in tubs;
  • Level or ramped access to different parts of the hotel.

If you don’t find all the required information on their site, don’t hesitate to call for further information.

Medical Consideration

Consulting with your doctor prior to vacation is always a good idea. They can help create a plan to meet your healthcare needs over your vacation. Always bring documentation that supports your medical situation. This documentation should discuss your health condition, medications and potential complications. Also, if you are on medication, make sure you carry enough supply to last your entire trip.


If you plan on flying to your destination, consider the aforesaid factors and book your flight far enough in advance to give the airline time to meet your needs. From assistance with your wheelchair to accommodating a service dog, airlines are better able to meet these needs with ample notice.