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Travel Without Breaking the Bank

Is your financial situation preventing you from travelling? Incorporating these tips can help reduce the overall costs that come with travelling. So, put your financial concerns to rest by implementing these tips for your next vacation!

Travel during the off Season

Travelling during the offseason can be a great way to explore new places on a budget. Lower demand leads to lower flight costs and hotel bookings.

Book Your Flight in Advance

For many, determining the best time to purchase a flight can be a struggle. Purchasing early guarantees your seat on the plan when prices are the highest. If you wait until the last couple weeks, you risk not even getting a seat on the plane. Fortunately, for us travellers, there is something called the Prime Booking Window. This window exists between 3 and a half to one month before the flight. Capitalizing on this time period increases your chances of getting a flight ticket at a reduced price.  

Another option to save money on flights is flying indirect. Although not as time-efficient, if you are not in a huge rush, indirect flights tend to be cheaper and can cut costs in you getting to your destination.

Travel in Groups

Many airlines and hotels offer packages or discounts that make group travelling more enticing. In most cases, major airlines offer additional features to groups of 10 or more. These features can include cheaper seating and free upgrades. Also, hotels often throw in a special discount when reserving hotel rooms in blocks of 10 or more. The appeal of the group discounts is often associated with quality of the hotel. High-end hotels tend to offer more attractive group discounts than cheaper accommodation establishments.

Weigh Your Luggage

Know the luggage requirements for the airport that you are travelling through. Overweight luggage can result in a higher cost to have your bag checked onto the plane.