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How to Travel Better with Strangers

How to Travel Better with Strangers

You meet sundry people when you travel—other wanderers, locals, employees and more. But few people go out of their ways to travel with strangers because they fear awkwardness and isolation. These reservations are understandable but also unnecessary if you go into the experience with the right attitude.

Choose an Appropriate Group

Group-based travel tours typically segment their trips based on interests and age groups. For example, one company might offer an adventurous youths package for travellers 18 to 25 years old. Likewise, there are packages for singles and couples as well as for people who want to do certain activities or see specific things.

Try New Things and Keep an Open Mind

Travelling with strangers opens you to new experiences and teaches you new things. Someone else’s interests may influence what you do, which helps you discover more about yourself and grow.

As important as it is to remain open to new opportunities, though, know that it’s also okay to set boundaries. Just be mindful of other people’s views and never criticize someone else’s interests, beliefs or actions.

Watch What You Say

People take offense to various things—political views, sexuality, religion and more. For this reason, you need to be careful of things that you say that might be misconstrued or be perceived as controversial. The last thing you want to do is alienate yourself from the group with one comment.

Respect Privacy and Solo Time

Group travel involves many social components, but people still need space even if you don’t need any yourself. Respect times when others would rather not participate in activities and find things to occupy your own downtime.