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Think Twice about Traveling without These Safety Gadgets

Travel Safety Gadgets

When traveling to new places, many of us worry about losing our belongings in transit or to theft. That’s why we purchase insurance policies and make plans for coping with emergency situations. While some danger is unavoidable, there are gadgets that can help us steer clear of it.

Check out the items below to add to your packing list.


A quarter-sized sticker that attaches to your belongings and allows you to locate them via GPS with your smartphone.

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A pocket-sized breathalyzer that uses an app to measure your estimated Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).

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A lightweight wristband with a built-in UV indicator that advises you on when to reapply sunscreen or get out of the sun.

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Personal Alarms

Personal alarm keychains and pendants are devices great for solo travellers and those who like to jog or bike alone in new places. There are similar products for medical situations that alert local officials and/or relatives.

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Door Alarms

A mountable device that alerts you of unwanted entry into your room. The Doberman Security Traveler Defense Alarm, one such product, also comes with flashlight functionality.

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A temporary tattoo that lets you write down emergency contact information in the case your child gets lost.

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Speakeasy Travel Supplies

A scarf that doubles as a money and passport holder. It rivals other safety belts and accessories with better camouflage and style.

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An innovative pair of sandals that allow you to store valuables in the heel. Perfect for the beach or leaving inconspicuously behind at the hotel.

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