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What Are the Best Travel Fabrics for Comfort?

Travel Fabrics

At home, we can wear anything we want. Our drawers fit bundles of clothes, and when they begin to overflow, the closet can harbour the rest. But on vacation we’re limited to a single suitcase, so our wardrobe must be more selective.

More than anything, we must pack diversely with clothes that work in many situations. For example, rather than bringing a single shirt per occasion, choosing one that works with three different outfits maximizes our luggage space.

Style aside, our clothes should be comfortable to wear and transport. While some climates call for heavier clothes, those that are stretchable and lightweight are most preferable.

Stretchable Fabrics

Especially in transit, stretchable clothing can make a major difference in our vacation experience. It gives room for movement and offers more protection against rips and tears. Apparel made from cotton is softer and easier to care for, too. This makes it great for all climates and activities.

In cold temperatures, many people enjoy wool because it dries quickly and retains warmth. Unfortunately, it’s a tough and heavy fabric, making it cumbersome to travel with. Instead, we should favour flannels and fleeces in the suitcase.

Lightweight & Breathable Fabrics

Although most of us wear jeans regularly, denim is a heavy fabric that can clutter the biggest suitcases. It also restricts our movement and does not breathe as well as some other materials. Various knits and satins have the same drawbacks—however nice they look.

Silk, nylon and polyester are the easiest fabrics to tote and sport around. They are great for trips with lots of indoor and outdoor activities, plus they dry easily and go in most laundry machines. Although we would rather wait to clean our clothes back home, sometimes accidents happen, so laundry is a note worth considering.