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Travel Destination: Use Your Personality to Choose Your Next Trip Location!

Travel Destination: Use Your Personality to Choose Your Next Trip Location!

Do you have a passion for exploring new places and seeing how life operates in other parts of the world? For many of us, travelling is an exciting opportunity to have an adventure and breakout of our comfort-zone; however, we don’t all have the same idea of travel.

We’re all unique individuals with our own personality that shapes how we interact with the world. Here is a travel guide for some distinct personality types.

The Extrovert

Extroverts thrive on human interaction. Meeting new people and having conversations is what extroverts are all about. Whether your idea of an awesome trip is spending more time in nature or city environments, both can cater to the extrovert.

When researching your destination, look for areas with high popularity. These areas are likely to have larger crowds, which means more people for you to engage and strike-up a conversation with.

To get a better sense of the local culture, opposed to just visiting tourist sites, ask your hotel concierge about nature or city locations that are popular among the locals. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy your ideal atmosphere, while at the same time pursuing meaningful conversations with those that call the location home.

The Conscientious Person

The conscientious traveller is highly organized and finds comfort in having a well-planned schedule. If this describes you, its best to create a detailed itinerary you can follow, prior to departing on your trip. 

Knowing you have taken the time to prepare can help ease a highly conscientious person and allow them to just focus on having a good time. For information on how to prepare a proper itinerary, check out our blog: Planning Your Travel Itinerary.

The Open Traveller

The open traveller has an adventurous, imaginative personality and finds joy in learning new things. Individuals that fall into this category, can find great fulfillment in exploring places very different from their own. While other travellers will enjoy exploring other parts of their home-country, open travellers want experiences that introduce them to totally different cultures and ways of life.