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Top Dog-Friendly Places In Sudbury

Top Dog-Friendly Places In Sudbury


A dog is a man’s best friend for several reasons! They are loving, loyal, and affectionate pets that like to follow everything you do. If you live in Sudbury or are traveling to Sudbury with your furry friend, you should know there are many places you can bring your dog to. If you are curious to learn about the top dog-friendly places in Sudbury, continue reading.

1. Moonlight Beach Trail

The Moonlight Beach trail is a 7.4 km trail that takes approximately 2 hours to complete. It follows a gravel road and crosses over a boardwalk that passes over a wetland area. The trail is known for birdwatching, hiking, and dog walking. While your dog does need to be wearing a leash, there are some places along the trail that allow you to take them off-leash. Additionally, this trail allows you to walk on the beach to view the water. If you are looking for a nice beachy trail to walk your pup, the Moonlight Beach trail is a great choice!

2. Laughing Buddha

Are you looking for a restaurant where your dog can join you? The Laughing Buddha has a dog-friendly patio where you can eat while your dog sits next to you. This restaurant offers appetizers like hummus and chips or meals like salads, sandwiches, Buddha bowls, and others. The Laughing Buddha also offers many vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options, if you happen to have any food restrictions. If you are walking your dog in Sudbury and are looking for a place to eat where your dog can come along, the Laughing Buddha provides a perfect option for you and your fluffy friend.

3. Minnow Lake Dog Park

Do you need a spot where your dog can expend their excess energy? A dog park is the best place for your dog to run around in a wide-open space without being confined to their leash. At Minnow Lake dog park, there are 2 fenced-off enclosures you can choose from. One enclosure is for small dogs that are under 25 lbs, and the other enclosure is for larger dogs that are 25 lbs and up. Apart from the enclosures, they also have garbage bins and portable washrooms on-site. The fresh air and exercise will ensure that your dog is healthy and happy!

4. Bell Park Walkway

Bell Park is one of the most iconic parks in Sudbury, and for good reasons too! Bell Park is bordered by Ramsey Lake, which makes it an ideal area for individuals who are looking for a natural landscape or scenic walks along the waterfront. If you would like to visit this landmark, be sure to bring your pup with you! The Bell Park walkway is a long pathway that includes a view of both the lake and trees from the park. While your dog must be on-leash, this pathway is a common spot for dog owners to take their dogs. If your dog needs some dog-to-dog socialization, this spot will be perfect for them!

5. Quality Inn Sudbury

Are you traveling to Sudbury with your furry friend? Did you know that the Quality Inn Sudbury is pet friendly? We have specific rooms in our facility to accommodate you and your dog. This means that if you are traveling to Sudbury, you don’t have to worry about leaving your dog at home with a dogsitter. Bring your pup along with you on your trip and we will ensure that both of your stays are enjoyable!

If you are looking for a comfortable accommodation for you and your dog, the Quality Inn Sudbury is here to provide you with the best pet-friendly hotel in Sudbury! Call us at 705-675-1273 to book your stay!