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Tips to Make Father’s Day Special

Tips to Make Father's Day Special

Father’s Day is that one special day each year dedicated to lavishing your love upon your dad or significant other, for being an awesome dad–either to you or the children you’ve raised together. Don’t let this day go by without letting your dad feel the love! Below, we have compiled these tips to guide you in creating a great Father’s Day. 

Commit to Spending Unrushed Time with Him

Life is often hectic, whether you’re currently in school, dealing with a hectic career or maybe juggling that with raising a family of your own, life often gets so busy we have to sacrifice quality time with our loved ones. 

Dedicate Father’s Day to spending quality time with your father and really connecting with him. This can mean scheduling other commitments for other days throughout the week. 

Say ‘Thank You’

Father’s Day is the perfect time to share your gratitude for the sacrifices your father has made in your life. Often times, there are many things that we are grateful to our fathers for, but we don’t necessarily voice that gratitude. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to intentionally express that to your dad. 

Showing gratitude can easily be incorporated into your gift giving. Leave those expensive purchases to other special occasions (e.g. the holidays or a birthday), use Father’s Day to highlight important moments where your dad really helped with your self-growth. This could take the form of a self-made video expressing the ways your dad has impacted you. Other options could be a creative story or poem expressing your appreciation for his contributions to your life. The creative direction you choose is totally up to you, but make sure it comes from the heart!

Check Off an Item on His Bucket List

We all have life goals we’d like to accomplish and whether your dad has an actual bucket list already made, he definitely has ideas in his head for one. Leading up to Father’s Day, consider trying to uncover some of the ‘to do’s’ that would be on your father’s bucket list and if possible, plan to do some of them with him.