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Tips to Create a Powerful Business Presentation

Tips to Create a Powerful Business Presentation

Have you been tasked with presenting a business presentation to clients or fellow company member in another city or even country? Business meetings can involve enough preparation and work, without having to worry about executing a successful presentation. So, if you’re finding yourself responsible for presenting a business presentation, the following information will help you deliver powerfully.

Establish Your Credibility at the Get Go

Make it clear why you were chosen to give this presentation and why you have value to offer everyone in the meeting room. The chances of your audience listening and engaging with you drastically increases if they genuinely feel you have valuable information to offer. 

Credibility can be achieved by providing a brief overview of your background with the topic of highlighting key references that substantiate the information you’re providing. The key is to establish this quickly and at the beginning. 

Introduce a Goal Early in the Presentation

The purpose behind a goal is giving your audience insight as to what they’re supposed to have in mind as they listen to your presentation and allows them to take the goal into consideration as they hear your points. For example, the goal of your presentation may be proposing a new direction or initiative within the company, or maybe receiving funding for a project. 

Start Separate Ideas with Powerful Imagery or Quotations

Opposed to just having a new title or a basic stock photo, strive to evoke emotion in your slides with a relevant quotation or full-screen image. At the very most, add a word or two about the topic, but ideally, you can just say it out loud and let the quote or image work as a visual aid to support this new topic.

At Quality Inn Sudbury, we strive for greatness every day at our hotel and believe everyone should be doing the same! We hope these tips provided practical ways to improve the quality of your business presentations

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