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Tips to Avoid Over Packing

Tips to Avoid Over Packing

At the Sudbury Quality Inn, we want your stay to be as comfortable as possible and we know there’s nothing less comfortable than having to lug around a heavy bag full of things you may not need. Here are our 3 tips for avoiding over packing that will save you from unnecessary preparation time and a sore back!

Only Take the Essentials

While it may seem obvious, try to limit your packing to only essential items. These items include clothing, toiletries, a small medical kit, and possibly a few miscellaneous items such as a camera.  As long as you have these, there’s no need to stress about including every little thing that you could ever need. If you ever really needed something that you didn’t pack, you can always just buy it while you’re there!

Ditch the Suitcase for a Smaller Bag

If your stay isn’t going to be for an extended period of time, use a backpack or small bag rather than a large suitcase. Even if you plan on packing lightly into a suitcase, the extra room will make it tempting to pack more than you actually need. With a small bag, there is only enough room for the essentials, forcing you to pack light without even realizing it!

Plan Your Outfits

What often happens with clothing is that we overestimate how much we will actually wear. We plan to have clothes for every possible scenario when realistically you’ll only need a few different outfits for the things you have planned. Take time to think about what you have scheduled on the trip and the type of clothes that they require, and plan the outfit to wear for that occasion before you pack. This way, you won’t be throwing in unnecessary clothes that would only serve to take up precious bag space!