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Tips for Snowshoeing This Winter

Tips for Snowshoeing This Winter

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we are proud to be part of a community that has so much to offer visitors. From outdoor fun to local exhibits, Sudbury has something for everyone. 

With Ontario right in the middle of winter, it seems fitting to explore one of Sudbury’s top winter activities, snowshoeing!  Below are things to remember when participating in this awesome winter activity. 

Be Prepared

If you plan on going snowshoeing, make sure to remember the following items:

  • A water bottle: Snowshoeing can be a tiring physical activity and it’s important to keep your body properly hydrated.
  • Some snacks: Packing small energy snacks is a great way to boost your energy if you find yourself getting tired. 
  • And sunglasses: On bright sunny days, the sun’s rays reflecting off the snow can strain your eyes. Sunglasses are the perfect solution to allow for clear vision and keeping your eyes comfortable. 

Use Hand Warmers

Having frozen fingers can make your time outdoors much less pleasant. Hand warmers can fit in your gloves and are an excellent way to keep your fingers toasty warm, even when it’s cold outside. 

Alternate Trail Breaking in Fresh Snow

Creating a new trail in snow that hasn’t already been broken can be an exhausting job. Rotating the leader of your snowshoeing group allows everyone to share the responsibility. 

Ideally, when the leader of your group gets tired this individual will go to the back and the next person in line will break the trail until they get tired, and the process repeats. 

Check the Weather

Weather is a large factor in determining the type of snowshoeing experience you’ll have, so checking beforehand can go a long way. Snowshoeing is best when there’s a lot of snow on the ground; however, you want to ensure that there isn’t a storm in the near forecast. Getting caught in a snowstorm can jeopardize your safety and even cause you to get stranded in the woods.