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Tips for Booking a Hotel

Booking a hotel may sound like a simple task; however without the right information you could end up paying higher costs, in a poor location or in a room that is not suitable for your needs. Here is what to keep in mind when booking a hotel.

Go on Sites That Offer Reviews

If it will be your first time staying at a particular hotel, online reviews can help form a clearer picture of what to expect. Hearing others’ experiences can give you a better idea what to expect.

Remember that hotel reviews are only one tool and are not full-proof themselves. We all have different ideas of what our time at a hotel should be like, so keep in mind that a reviewer is only one person’s experience. Also, online review sites with “star ratings” aren’t always accurate sources. Thus, the key takeaway, variety is important.

Online sources can be useful, but they should not substitute talking to friends or family who have actually been to the hotel before you. Hotel recommendations from family and friends should always be a first option.

Don’t Be Afraid to Contact the Site Directly

Often, calling the hotel can be the best way to get more detailed information if you have specific room requirements (i.e., pet-friendly, kid-friendly, quiet, etc.).

Find out the Exact Hotel Location

Finding out the exact location of a hotel is very important. Your hotel may be in the optimal location in terms of distance from restaurants and local attractions, but what about busy streets? Don’t just look to see what interesting destinations are near your hotel. Check to see if your hotel is surrounded high-traffic roads too. This can be an issue for some, as they can generate significant amounts of noise, keeping them up at night.

Check Parking Availability and Cost

If you plan on arriving to at the hotel with your own vehicle, checking on parking availability and cost is a must. Consider this additional cost before confirming your room.