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Tips for Awesome Road Trips

Road trips can be a great way to get to your vacation destination–if done right. Without proper preparation, though, your fun and adventurous road trip can turn into: “Are we there yet??”

Here are some tips that will help you enjoy the journey and create memories that will have everyone eager for the next road trip.

Choose a Vehicle.

Will other adults – friends or family – be accompanying you on this road trip? Amongst yourselves, determine whose vehicle is best suited for your trip. Consider factors such as:

  • Storage space: The larger the trunk the more room available for packing suitcases, fishing rods, swimming gear, etc. Also some vehicles have roof racks, which can also be beneficial.
  • Available seats: Depending on the number of people, a 7-seater might be a good option.
  • Gas efficiency: Make sure to consider whose vehicle is the best on gas. Chipping in for gas is only fair but the less gas required means all of you won’t have to spend as much.


Clean Your Vehicle.

Other than washroom and meal stops, your car will be where you and your family spend most of your time. Set aside some time to clean your vehicle. Any passengers on your trip with you will appreciate the lack of clutter in their already minimal space.

Get a Gas Card.

lots of money spent on gas. A gas card enables you to capitalize on free fuel points, cash back on hotels and discounted groceries. If your trip consists of other adults, split up the cost of gas amongst yourselves. Instead of the driver’s wallet taking a massive hit, everyone contributes a bit.

Pack Light.

Packing light not only means more room in the vehicle – backseat passengers will appreciate not having gear shoved in between them since it couldn’t fit in the trunk – it also provides you with room for the cool memorabilia that you will find on your trip.

Bring a Furry Friend.

Many of us love the companionship that our dogs provide. If you are planning on including your dog on your next road trip check out our blog, “How to Keep Your Dog Calm When You Travel.”

Enjoy Human Companionship.

One great aspect of road trips is it forces family or friends to be in a confined space together. Use this opportunity to connect talk and have fun.  Channel your inner creativity to come up with fun games to play on the road.