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Tips For a Successful Hotel Stay

Tips for a Successful Hotel Stay

Many of us seek out hotel accommodations because we’re looking for reliability and comfort during our travels. As hotel guests, there are a number of steps we can take to ensure the best hotel stay possible. Here are some ideas below:


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Extras

So often, guests miss out on the little extras because they fail to ask for them. When possible, many hotels are more than happy to supply extra conditioner, additional coffee, iPhone cord or complimentary pillow. These are the small actions that make a big difference in encouraging repeat business, so hotels will do what they can to meet your needs.

Get In On the Loyalty Program

If you’re really interested in optimizing your hotel experience, loyalty programs are the way to go. These programs are a direct path to better treatment. Make sure to stay informed on the details of your loyalty program and how it correlates to redemptions or perks throughout your stay.

Get to Know the Staff Well

Kindness and respect go a long way. When interacting with hotel staff, make the effort to call them by name and ask them for their insight on the area. These basic acts of respect combined good tips, work to make a huge difference in the service you can expect to receive.

Do a Sweep of the Entire Suite

There’s little that’s more annoying than getting home from an amazing vacation, only to realize you left one or more belongings back at the hotel. To avoid leaving personal items behind, do a thorough check of the room prior to departure. This means checking under bed, in the washroom and the outlets (for phone or laptop charges). 

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we take value every guest that makes the choice to stay at our hotel and our team of professional staff are happy to accommodate your needs wherever possible.