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Time to Tie the Knot?

Is a marriage ceremony in your near future? Let’s start this blog with an enormous CONGRATULATIONS! A wedding is a time for celebration and excitement for all the wonderful moments that the future holds for the happy couple. Now, for the biggest question of all: where is this wedding going to be held?

There are countless decisions to be made when determining the right venue for your wedding. Here are some major ones to consider.

How Large Is Your Wedding?

How many people you invite is a significant factor in the available venues for your wedding. Some venues cannot accommodate for exceptionally large gatherings.

What Is Your Budget?

Before you and your fiancé get lost in all the features you want incorporated in your wedding, create a realistic budget for how much you would like to put towards your special day. Once you have an idea of how much you can spend, you can make informed decisions concerning the funds you want to allocate to the different aspects of your wedding.

What’s Your Theme?

A themed wedding takes your celebration to the next level and makes the occasion more fun for your guests. One tip: Choose the venue before picking a theme. Achieving certain colour schemes can be hard when the walls or flooring of your venue are completely different.

Choose a Date

Whether you choose your wedding date for sentimental reasons–like the day your parents got married–it can factor into how much you end up paying for a venue. The month, day of the week and the length of your ceremony, all play into how much it will cost to secure a venue. To get lower rates, try to book your wedding on off-times of the year. There’s a greater chance you can get a venue at a lower rate in February than in June or July.