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The Coolest Hotels Around The World

Every hotel can be made extraordinary through excellent service and fantastic
amenities. Sometimes though, you come across a hotel that is simply out of this
world. Here are 10 of the most exotic, extra special, (and extra expensive) hotels
found around the world.

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland
This hotel is actually an igloo that sleeps up to 4 people. With its glass ceiling, you
can gaze upon the night sky and northern lights from the comfort of your bed.

finland 1 finland 2


Manta Resort Floating Hotel, Zanzibar
This hotel features a room that floats in the water while fish swim under and around
you. You can see them through the windows in the bedroom that is completely
submerged underwater. At night, octopus and squid are attracted to the lights
around the floating room.

zanzibar 1 zanzibar 2


Giraffe Manor, Kenya
This hotel hosts both humans and a herd of Rothschild giraffe! The giraffe roam
around the premises and even peak their head through windows to say hello or ask
for treats.

kenya 1 kenya 2


Fairy Chimney Hotel, Turkey
This hotel takes remarkable Turkish landscapes and turns it into a woodland- fairy
like dream. It combines Old world charm with new world amenities making it both
beautiful and fairy-tale like but also functional!

turkey 1

turkey 2


The Glass Floor Udang House, Bali
This hotel room floats above a fresh shrimp pond. The glass floor allows you to see
through it and look at the marvelous world under the sea.



Harry Potter Hotel, London
The rooms at this hotel were designed to look just like the rooms at Hogwarts. It’s
the perfect spot for any Harry Potter fan.



Montana Magica Lodge, Chile
This hotel is tucked away deep in the forest. It is shaped like a volcano but instead of
erupting with lava and ash, it erupts with water. It is only accessible by crossing a
swinging rope bridge.



Ascher Cliff, Switzerland
This hotel is build right into the side of a cliff and overlooks a beautiful Switzerland
valley. The hotel itself is over 170 years old.



Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
This is the largest hotel build entirely of snow and ice. It is located in Northern
Sweden in a very small village.

sweden 1 sweden 2


Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel, Sweden
This hotel is more like a forest hideout. Its mirrored outsides reflect its
surroundings so that it is made almost invisible.

swden mirror

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